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shrubs, plural;
  1. A drink made of sweetened fruit juice and liquor, typically rum or brandy

  2. A slightly acid cordial made from fruit juice and water

  1. a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
  2. A shrub or bush is distinguished from a tree by its multiple stems and lower height, usually less than 5–6 m (15–20 ft) tall. A large number of plants can be either shrubs or trees, depending on the growing conditions they experience. ...
  3. (Shrubs (American band)) Shrubs are an American rock ‘n roll band formed in 1994 in Rock Tavern, New York. The band members are Bob Torsello (bass), Rob Takleszyn (drums), Jay LoRubbio (guitar). ...
  4. (The Shrubs) The Shrubs were an English rock music group, formed in Watford in 1985, releasing three albums before splitting up in 1989.Strong, Martin C. (2003) The Great Indie Discography, Canongate, ISBN 1-84195-335-0, p. 503
  5. A woody plant smaller than a tree, and usually with several stems from the same base
  6. (Shrubs) Fruits preserved in alcohol and sugar.
  7. (Shrubs) Plants with large bushy foilage. Often used as natural fences or screens.
  8. (Shrubs) typically have multiple-branches from the ground and a mature height less than 12 feet.
  9. (shrubs) woody plants often (but not always) branching abundantly from the base, >1m tall and usually <5m tall. ...
  10. Deciduous shrubs may be transplanted at any time during late autumn or winter when the ground is not too wet. Evergreen shrubs may be moved either early in autumn or in April or May, damp, warm, but not sunny weather being most suitable for the operation. ...
  11. Spirits, fruit juices, and sugar, aged in a sealed container such as a cask or crock, then usually bottled.
  12. "A woody, perennial plant differing from a perennial herb in its persistent and woody stem, and less definitely from a tree in its lower stature [size] and the general absence of a well-defined stem" [Society of American Foresters, 1998]. ...
  13. a slow maturing drink. Fruit such as currants or citrus fruits and sugar are boiled or left to marinade until ready to sieve through a jelly bag, then mixed with brandy or rum, bottled and left 6-8 weeks to mature.
  14. An old-fashioned sweetened fruit drink, sometimes spiked with liquor.
  15. a low branching plant without a main stem.
  16. A woody multi-branched plant with no central stem and branches near to the ground.
  17. A low-growing woody plant, usually under 15 feet that often has multiple stems and may have a suckering growth habit.
  18. a plant which has a thick woody stem but not thick or sturdy enough to be described as a trunk. Smaller than trees.
  19. (plant growth form): A plant intermediate between a tree and a forb, but with the characteristic secondary thickening (woodiness) of the former. Shrubs are typically well-branched and the term is often restricted to plants less than 2 or 3 m tall.
  20. A woody plant of lower height than a tree. Shrubs usually have many thick stems instead of one big trunk. Some plants are considered shrubs if they don't grow to their full size, and trees if they are able to become fully grown. Examples of this are Eastern Redcedar and American Holly.
  21. A bush; a low, spreading, woody, perennial plant. A shrub is generally shorter than a tree and has many branching stems instead of a central trunk.
  22. A woody perennial plant, usually with multiple trunks or stems and growing to less than 8-feet tall.
  23. A drink made from fruit juice, sugar, and a liquor such as rum or brandy.
  24. A plant with persistent, woody stems and relatively low growth. Generally produces several basal shoots (stems) and many branches.
  25. A plant with many woody stems, generally lower than or not extraordinarily higher than an adult human being or other large mammals.  Compare with tree, below.