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  1. put someone or something on a short list
  2. short list: a list of applicants winnowed from a longer list who have been deemed suitable and from which the successful person will be chosen
  3. A short list is a list of candidates for a job, prize, award, political position, etc., that has been reduced from a longer list of candidates (sometimes via intermediate lists known as "long lists"). The length of short lists varies according to the context.
  4. ShortList is the title of a free weekly magazine published in the United Kingdom which launched on 20 September 2007 . The magazine is the biggest-circulation men's lifestyle magazine in Britain with Mike Soutar, former editor-in-chief of FHM in Britain and Maxim in the U.S. as its CEO .
  5. (Shortlisting) the process of preliminary assessment (or screening) of applicants to identify a smaller number for further assessment (see Assessment tools/methods). ...
  6. The short-list is created by the IOC from the pool of applicant cities based on reviewing the questionnaires. If they meet minimum requirements, they become candidate cities and proceed to the final vote.
  7. Once the deadline has passed for registering a 'bid' or 'interest', a list of bidders who have met the advertising criteria for each individual property is taken from the computer system. ...
  8. As you browse the chalets and offers in this system, you can add them to a personal shortlist. It doesn't commit you to anything - it's just a way of keeping track of holidays you think you might like. ...
  9. A reduced list of proposers (e.g., consultants, planners, architect/engineers, construction managers) who are judged to be highly qualified for the work to be done and who will receive further consideration in the professional service selection process for a specific project.
  10. This is the list of applicants who have placed bids for a property. We use this list to offer the property to the applicant with the highest priority, according to the allocations policy
  11. At this stage TechRel will provide the Client with a shortlist of confirmed candidates who are found suitable for the assignment.