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(of a place) Protected from bad weather,
  1. (of a place) Protected from bad weather
    • - the plants need a shady, sheltered spot in the garden
  2. Protected from difficulties or unpleasant realities
    • - she led a sheltered life until her mother and father went through a bitter divorce
    • - a sheltered childhood

  1. protected from danger or bad weather; "a sheltered harbor"
  2. Protected, as from wind or weather; who grew up being overprotected by parents or other guardians; often implies a lack of social skills, worldly experience, etc
  3. (Sheltering) A protective measure that consists of staying indoors, with closed doors and windows, to limit the inhalation of radioactive products that may be present following a release of radiation, or to protect against direct gamma radiation from a radioactive cloud, or from radioactive ...
  4. (Sheltering (in-place)) A protective action that involves taking cover in upper levels of a building that is able to withstand high flood levels.
  5. (Sheltering) An in-place, immediate protective action which calls for people to go indoors, close all doors and windows, turn off all sources of outside air, listen to radio or television for emergency information, and remain indoors until official notification that it is safe to go out. (DOE. ...
  6. (Sheltering) Housing that provides short-term refuge and life-sustaining services for disaster victims who have been displaced from their homes and are unable to meet their own immediate post-disaster housing needs.
  7. (sheltering) the act of recognizing a word as a shelter term
  8. Also called “sheltering-in-place.” This is a protective action in which you are instructed to stay indoors with windows and doors tightly shut and all ventilation systems turned off. Under certain circumstances, it is the better way to limit exposure to radioactive materials.