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shareholders, plural;
  1. An owner of shares in a company

  1. stockholder: someone who holds shares of stock in a corporation
  2. A mutual shareholder or stockholder is an individual or company (including a corporation) that legally owns one or more shares of stock in a joint stock company. A company's shareholders collectively own that company and are the members of the company by signing the memorandum of association . ...
  3. One who owns shares of stock
  4. Shareholders are the owners of a corporation based on their holdings. They own an interest in the corporation rather than specific corporate property. Also known as stockholders.
  5. (Shareholders) Own stakes in Limited Companies. Shares can be purchased on the open market if it is a quoted PLC. They can vote on how a company is run and they earn a share of the profits as a dividend.
  6. (Shareholders) The owners of a limited company or corporation.
  7. (Shareholders) Nicholas X. Notias 29.5%
  8. (Shareholders) Owners of the 'Share Capital' of the business. Also termed ''Stockholders'.
  9. Any holder of one or more shares in a corporation. A shareholder usually has evidence that they are a shareholder; this evidence is represented by a stock certificate.
  10. is a person who holds common stock in a company.
  11. The owner of one or more shares in a company.
  12. An individual or entity that owns shares of capital stock.
  13. Someone who owns shares in a corporation or mutual fund . Shareholders earn dividends and typically have the right to vote for members of the board of directors and on other company matters; also known as "stockholder. ...
  14. someone who owns shares in a company
  15. An owner of shareholdings in the company, Australian Ethical Investment Ltd.
  16. Mans a shareholder of Common Shares who deals at arm’s length with the Company and the Underwriters and is not affiliated with the Company or the Underwriters, and hold Common Shares as capital property.
  17. Either the person in whose name shares are registered in the records of a corporation or the beneficial owner of shares to the extent recognized pursuant to section 7-107-204, C.R.S.
  18. A natural person or legal person that holds common shares or preferred shares in one or more companies.
  19. Every individual human on the planet, deserving of a fair piece of Earth’s assets.
  20. Person who owns shares in a company. When a shareholder acquires shares in a company, he or she also acquires rights on that company, viz. to receive information from it, to attend its general meetings, and to receive dividends.
  21. A person who buys a portion of a public or private company’s capital. By doing so that person becomes a shareholder in that company’s assets and receives a share of the company’s profit in the form of dividends.
  22. The owner of one or more issued shares of a company who is normally entitled to: a) a proportionate share of the issuing company's undivided assets; b) dividends when declared by the directors; and c) the right of proportionate voting power.
  23. the holder of a number of stock certificates in a given company.
  24. An owner of a share of a corporation through the ownership of its stock; also known as stockholder.
  25. An investor owning shares in a mutual fund.