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shaking, present participle; shaken, past participle; shakes, 3rd person singular present; shook, past tense;
  1. (of a structure or area of land) Tremble or vibrate
    • - buildings shook in Sacramento and tremors were felt in Reno
  2. Cause to tremble or vibrate
    • - a severe earthquake shook the area
  3. (of a person, a part of the body, or the voice) Tremble uncontrollably from a strong emotion such as fear or anger
    • - Luke was shaking with rage
    • - her voice shook with passion
  4. Move (an object) up and down or from side to side with rapid, forceful, jerky movements
    • - she stood in the hall and shook her umbrella
  5. Remove (an object or substance) from something by movements of this kind
    • - they shook the sand out of their shoes
  6. Get rid of or put an end to (something unwanted)
    • - he was unable to shake off the memories of the trenches
  7. Grasp (someone) and move them roughly to and fro, either in anger or to rouse them from sleep
    • - he gently shook the driver awake and they set off
  8. Brandish in anger or as a warning; make a threatening gesture with
    • - men shook their fists and shouted
  9. Upset the composure of; shock or astonish
    • - rumors of a further loss shook the market
    • - the fall shook him up quite badly
    • - she was visibly shaken and upset when she returned
  10. Cause a change of mood or attitude by shocking or disturbing (someone)
    • - he had to shake himself out of his lethargy
  11. Weaken or impair (confidence, a belief, etc.), esp. by shocking or disturbing
    • - the escalation in costs is certain to shake the confidence of private investors
  1. An act of shaking
    • - with a shake of its magnificent antlers the stag charged down the slope
    • - camera shake causes the image to become blurred
  2. An earth tremor

  3. An amount of something that is sprinkled by shaking a container
    • - add a few shakes of sea salt and black pepper
  4. A fit of trembling or shivering
    • - I wouldn't go in there, it gives me the shakes
  5. A trill

  1. move or cause to move back and forth; "The chemist shook the flask vigorously"; "My hands were shaking"
  2. shingle: building material used as siding or roofing
  3. milkshake: frothy drink of milk and flavoring and sometimes fruit or ice cream
  4. move with or as if with a tremor; "his hands shook"
  5. judder: shake or vibrate rapidly and intensively; "The old engine was juddering"
  6. trill: a note that alternates rapidly with another note a semitone above it
  7. Shake! (formerly The Core and Milkshake! FM) is a television programming block shown on UK broadcaster Five, aimed at 8 to 12 year olds. The block is currently (as of August 2010) shown on Sundays between 10am and 11am on Five. It's sister channel is Milkshake! ...
  8. Shake is a song by former wham member Andrew Ridgeley,off the album Son of Albert. The song was Released in 1990 and charted in Australian charts at number 13.
  9. In mechanics, a constraint algorithm is a method for satisfying constraints for bodies that obey Newton's equations of motion. ...
  10. Shake is the first solo album released by John Schlitt, lead singer of the Christian rock band, Petra for 19 years. It was released in the Spring of 1995.
  11. Anthony "Shake" Shakir, who also uses the aliases Sequence 10 and Da Sampla, is an American techno producer, best known for his contributions to Detroit techno.
  12. "Shake" is a song written and recorded by Sam Cooke (U.S. Pop #7, U.S. R&B #4).
  13. The act of shaking something; A milkshake; A beverage made by adding ice cream to a (usually carbonated) drink; a float; Shake cannabis, small, leafy fragments of cannabis that gather at the bottom of a bag of marijuana; Shingle; A crack or splint in wood; Instant, second. (Esp. in two shakes. ...
  14. (shakes) A pattern of behavior including twitches, tics and spasms typical of withdrawal from addiction; usually following the
  15. (shook) A set of pieces for making a cask or box, usually wood; Simple past of shake
  16. (Shakes) Naturally occurring cracks in timber; in building timbers, shakes can appear quite dramatic, but strength is not always impaired.
  17. (Shakes) Pieces of barrels or casks broken down to save space. They are worth very little, leading to the phrase “no great shakes”.
  18. (Shakes) Handcut wood shingles.
  19. (SHAKES) Splits in wood, usually running with the grain, caused by shrinkage through excessive or rapid drying.
  20. (Shakes) Small pieces of wood, typically split from cedar blocks, installed as the top layer of a roof.
  21. (Shakes) Splits or checks in timber which usually cause a separation of the wood between the annular rings.
  22. (Shakes) The tremors that result from drinking way too much
  23. (The Shakes) Causes involuntary twitches, tremors, and fits.
  24. (SHAKING) often used with mixers and multiple liquors, shaking produces a well- chilled drink. Pour ingredients into shaker with ice, cover with mixing glass, and shake vigorously until shaker seems to freeze in your hands. Strain into proper glass.
  25. (Shaking) All you need to do is put the ingredients into your cocktail shaker and shake it rather aggressively for 10 to 15 times. That should be enough. Shaken drinks tend to be more thoroughly mixed, but cloudier. It is up to you which method to use for a certain drink.