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sensations, plural;
  1. A physical feeling or perception resulting from something that happens to or comes into contact with the body
    • - a burning sensation in the middle of the chest
  2. The capacity to have such feelings or perceptions
    • - they had lost sensation in one or both forearms
  3. An inexplicable awareness or impression
    • - she had the eerie sensation that she was being watched
  4. A widespread reaction of interest and excitement
    • - his arrest for poisoning caused a sensation
  5. A person, object, or event that arouses such interest and excitement
    • - she was a sensation, the talk of the evening

  1. an unelaborated elementary awareness of stimulation; "a sensation of touch"
  2. ace: someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field
  3. a general feeling of excitement and heightened interest; "anticipation produced in me a sensation somewhere between hope and fear"
  4. a state of widespread public excitement and interest; "the news caused a sensation"
  5. sense: the faculty through which the external world is apprehended; "in the dark he had to depend on touch and on his senses of smell and hearing"
  6. (sensational) causing intense interest, curiosity, or emotion
  7. Sensation, an album by Anúna, was released in 2006 on the Danú label. All music featured on the disc is original, written by the Irish composer Michael McGlynn.
  8. Sensation is an indoor dance-event which originated in the Netherlands and organized by ID&T. The original event, which ran exclusively in the Amsterdam ArenA for a period of five years until 2005, is now located throughout Poland, Spain, Chile, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, ...
  9. Sensation was an exhibition of Young British Artists which first took place 18 September - 28 December 1997 at the Royal Academy of Art in London and later toured to Berlin and New York. ...
  10. Aishah and The Fan Club, better known as The Fan Club or just Fan Club, were a New Zealand-based singing group in the late 1980s and early 1990s. ...
  11. Sensation is the fiction-writing mode for portraying a character's perception of the senses. According to Ron Rozelle, “. . .the success of your story or novel will depend on many things, but the most crucial is your ability to bring your reader into it. ...
  12. Sensation is a 1936 British crime film directed by Brian Desmond Hurst and starring John Lodge, Diana Churchill, Francis Lister and Felix Aylmer. A crime reporter solves a murder case using a piece of evidence he found amongst the victim's possessions.
  13. A physical feeling or perception from something that comes into contact with the body; something sensed; A widespread reaction of interest or excitement
  14. (Sensational) This book was written with such compassion and understanding the words just begin to flow through you. You will be given a better understanding of who you are and where you should be and given different ways to look at your life. I see mine in a whole new light! ...
  15. (Sensations) "The lower of the conscious species possess only the faculty of sensation, which is sufficient to direct their actions and provide for their needs. ...
  16. (Sensations) what we experience directly -- such as shapes, colors, and smells – in perceptual experience. Roughly identifiable, with Locke's "simple ideas" and Hume's "impressions". For Kant these are the "matter" of perception for which time and space are the a priori forms. ...
  17. Sensations include the ability to smell, hear, touch, and taste: Not being able to detect and discriminate sensations with the nose, skin, tongue, mouth or ears could be a serious health threat. ...
  18. the experience of a symptom, what it feels like. One of the parts of a complete symptom.
  19. The senses receive communications from the environment and, in some systems, codify them, and send this information to a center for further processing. We call this codified information "sensations".
  20. In medicine and physiology, sensation refers to the registration of an incoming (afferent) nerve impulse in that part of the brain called the sensorium, which is capable of such perception. Therefore, the awareness of a stimulus as a result of its perception by sensory receptors. ...
  21. Feeling stimuli which activate sensory organs of the body, such as touch, temperature, pressure and pain. Also seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting.
  22. A NEMA connector chōjin.
  23. The sensory functions of the nerves sent from the extremities to the brain.
  24. (in  human sensory reception: Basic features of sensory structures)
  25. Contains a variety of sensory nerve endings that react to heat, cold, touch, pressure, vibration, and tissue injury.