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semesters, plural;
  1. A half-year term in a school or college, typically lasting fifteen to eighteen weeks

  1. one of two divisions of an academic year
  2. half a year; a period of 6 months
  3. Half of a school year (US) or academic year such as fall or spring semester
  4. (Semesters) Periods of study that divide the academic year into two equal segments of approximately 15 to 18 weeks each. Some schools also offer a shorter summer semester, beyond the traditional academic year.
  5. (Semesters) The fall semester lasts 17 weeks between August and December. The spring semester is 17 weeks from January to May. There is a three-week summer session which begins in May. ...
  6. (semesters) Lowercase, except at the beginning of a sentence (e.g., The class will be offered for the first time during spring semester 2009).
  7. A study period of up to 16 weeks, often with the last two weeks used as an assessment period.
  8. An academic year is divided into either two semesters or 3 terms.
  9. Period of study of approximately 15 to 16 weeks' duration, usually half of an academic year.
  10. The ‘European Semester’ is the way EU countries work together on economic policy. It is so called because it is a procedure that takes about six months. It is done in the first half of every year, and started in 2011. ...
  11. This rental period is designed for students attending full semesters. The rental period begins on the date of your Order and ends 130 days thereafter ("Due Date"), and your return must be received by us (not postmarked) by the Due Date (or 7 days after the Due Date if you are taking advantage of ...
  12. a block of teaching time of around 14 – 15 week.
  13. The half-year of an academic calendar typically lasting six months.
  14. A segment of the academic year. Seton’s Hall academic year is divided into the fall semester (August/September to December), the spring semester (January to May), and three summer sessions (one each during May, June, and July).
  15. One of two types of academic terms during which courses are taught; the other is the quarter. Semesters typically last 14 to 16 weeks.
  16. Calendar system used by some schools. Classes and grade reports are divided into two periods, each lasting about 15 weeks.
  17. A semester is the American word for a term and is used in Britain to describe American-style college terms that are longer (usually about 15 weeks) than British ones (between 8-11 weeks). Generally speaking, universities have either two semesters or three terms. ...
  18. Half-year term in a school year; normally a 13-week period of instruction.
  19. Semester is a term of study. In addition to two 14 week semesters each year(fall and spring), Howard Community College offers four summer terms (5 - 8 weeks long) and a winter session (4 weeks long).
  20. A 17-week study period (including examination periods and breaks) which is the standard course length at the Curtin Bentley campus.
  21. Similar to a school term, a semester is a teaching period of approximately 12 weeks. There are two semesters per year and they are known as Semester A, which starts in February and ends in June, and Semester B, which starts in July and ends in November. ...
  22. An academic period used by some colleges and universities, typically lasting between 15-18 weeks. An institution on semesters may have two or three semesters in an academic year, depending on how the summer term is defined.
  23. The term “semester” is normally referred to as the period of time during which a set number of courses is offered as students move toward completing an entire program. It is designed to allow students to concentrate on a few courses in a set period of time. ...
  24. The two consecutive periods of academic instruction (fall and spring) into which the academic year is divided at the College and at most other colleges. (Some colleges have trimesters, for example.) In addition to its fall and spring semesters, the College offers terms during the summer.
  25. A specified length of instruction of class time; usually a 15 week period at UMA.