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sects, plural;
  1. A group of people with somewhat different religious beliefs (typically regarded as heretical) from those of a larger group to which they belong

  2. A group that has separated from an established church; a nonconformist church

  3. A philosophical or political group, esp. one regarded as extreme or dangerous

  1. a subdivision of a larger religious group
  2. faction: a dissenting clique
  3. A sect is a group with distinctive religious, political or philosophical beliefs. Although in past it was mostly used to refer to religious groups, it has since expanded and in modern culture can refer to any organization that breaks away from a larger one to follow a different set of rules and ...
  4. Sect is an ancient astrological concept in which the seven traditional "planets" (including the Sun, the Moon and the five starry planets) are assigned to two different categories: diurnal or nocturnal sect.
  5. Sect was a Vancouver, Canada industrial trance band, comprising Michael Victory, Jason McEvoy and Bruce Young, who released an album on Third Mind Records in 1994 (engineered by Front Line Assembly's Chris Petersen) and were represented on a handful of Dossier compilations from 1993-1995.
  6. Planescape is a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, originally designed by Zeb Cook. The Planescape setting was published in 1994. ...
  7. In the role-playing games and books based on the World of Darkness setting, by White Wolf Game Studio, a sect is a large organization of vampires with a leadership, rules and goals, that (at least in theory) trascend clan divisions.
  8. The Devil's Daughter also known as The Sect (Italian title: La Setta) is a 1991 Italian horror film co-written and produced by Dario Argento and directed by Michele Soavi. The film stars Kelly Curtis and Herbert Lom.
  9. A cult or religious movement, a group sharing particular (often unorthodox) political and/or religious beliefs
  10. (SECTS) Christian churches. “Division and dissension, contention, confusion and discord–these are among the prevailing characteristics of the sects of Christendom. These various sects or denominations …” (Mormon Doctrine, p. 669).
  11. (Sects) In RCT, deviant organizations which, however, follow an established religion and claim a monopoly of religious truth; characterized by high tension and commitment.
  12. (Sects) are newly formed religious groups that form to protest elements of their parent religion (generally a denomination). ...
  13. Comes from the greek word hairesis, meaning division. In this case the division is into two: day and night. The planets of the daytime division (sect) are the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, and the planets of the nocturnal sect are the Moon, Venus and Mars.
  14. Usually contrasted with churches or denominations, sects are thought to be small and inward-looking religious or spiritual groups which reject the values of the wider society. Examples would be the Jehovah's Witnesses, Salvation Army, Christian Science. ...
  15. and error are synonymous. You are Peripatetic and I Platonician; we are therefore both wrong; for you combat Plato only because his fantasies have revolted you, and I am alienated from Aristotle only because it seems to me that he does not know what he is talking about. ...
  16. (Gr. hairesis , usually rendered "heresy", Act 24:14; Ch1 11:19; Gal 5:20, etc.), meaning properly "a choice," then "a chosen manner of life," and then "a religious party," as the "sect" of the Sadducees (Act 5:17), of the Pharisees (Act 15:5), the Nazarenes, i.e., Christians (Act 24:5). ...
  17. A body of persons distinguished by peculiarities of faith and practice from other bodies adhering to the same general system
  18. a type of religious organisation that stands apart from the larger society
  19. A group of Kindred arguably united under a common philosophy. The three most widely known sects currently populating the night are the Camarilla, the Inconnu, and the Sabbat.
  20. whether diurnal or nocturnal. The primary sect of a chart is whether the chart itself is by day or night. A night chart has the Sun posited in the 1st through 6th Houses; a day chart has the Sun in the 12th through 7th Houses: right on the Ascendant-Descendant is anyone's guess! ...
  21. A group sharing a common belief that has broken off from a larger group.
  22. A subdivided religious organization, one that has split off from another group as a result of differences of opinion or doctrine. Christendom's churches are divided into thousands of sects that are mostly the same except for minor organizational differences. ...
  23. A sect is a dissenting religious group that usually starts from within a major religion, but may eventually break away and become an independent body. Small sects with unusual beliefs and practices sometimes develop into weird cults. ...
  24. A smaller portion of a larger religion of which the members share similar beliefs and possibly the same hierarchy.
  25. A group of adherents who form a smaller asociation withing a larger (often religious) body. A religious denomination.