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secretaries, plural;
  1. A person employed by an individual or in an office to assist with correspondence, keep records, make appointments, and carry out similar tasks

  2. An official of a society or other organization who conducts its correspondence and keeps its records

  3. An official in charge of a government department
    • - Secretary of the Treasury
  4. A writing desk with shelves on top of it

  1. a person who is head of an administrative department of government
  2. an assistant who handles correspondence and clerical work for a boss or an organization
  3. repository: a person to whom a secret is entrusted
  4. a desk used for writing
  5. (secretarial) of or relating to a secretary or to a secretary's work
  6. A secretary is a person whose work consists of maintaining files, operating telephones, typing letters and other clerical functions. These functions may be entirely carried out to assist one other employee or may be for the benefit of more than one such. ...
  7. Secretary is a title commonly held by a member of an organization, club, or society. Common duties of the Secretary include taking minutes, notifying members of meetings, contacting various persons in relation to the society, administrating the day to day activities of the organization and ...
  8. Secretary is a 2002 dominant/submissive-themed romantic comedy-drama film directed by Steven Shainberg. It stars Maggie Gyllenhaal as Lee Holloway and James Spader as E. Edward Grey. The film is based on a short story from Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill.
  9. A minister is a politician who holds significant public office in a national or regional government. Senior ministers are members of the cabinet.
  10. "The Secretary" is the 95th episode of NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the 9th episode for the sixth season. It aired on December 8, 1994.
  11. Someone entrusted with a secret; a confidant; A person who keeps records, takes notes and handles general clerical work; The head of a department of government; A managerial or leading position in certain non-profit organizations, such as political parties, trade unions, international ...
  12. cabinet with a hinged surface opening forward onto pull-out supports revealing cubby holes for writing materials with a bookcase, often with a glass door cabinet above
  13. The MMPA establishes a Federal responsibility to conserve marine mammals, with management of all cetaceans and pinnipeds (except walrus) vested in the Department of Commerce (presided over by the Secretary of Commerce). ...
  14. French document hand adopted more widely as a book hand in the 14th century
  15. means the Secretary of Education of the Delaware Department of Education unless otherwise indicated in the text of these regulations.
  16. Feilman, Patricia Edith (1925 - ), Secretary
  17. The corporate officer to whom the bylaws or the board of directors has delegated responsibility under sections 7-108-301(3) or 7-128-301(3), C.R.S. ...
  18. In the context of the federal regulations pertaining to the protection of human subjects in research, refers to the head of a federal agency [45 CFR 46.102(a)].
  19. A desk with drawers, doors or cupboard above flat surface.
  20. The clerk or recorder of the minutes; the CLERK.
  21. The secretary is responsible for the specific duties pertaining to records, entries, and on-going communications within the event structure during the event. The Secretary is the face of the event as they have the most contact with the competitors.
  22. Under HIPAA, this refers to the Secretary of HHS or his/her designated representatives. Also see Part II, 45 CFR 160.103.
  23. a person employed in an office who types letters, keeps records etc.
  24. Fore registered clubs is the person who under Section 33 of the Registered Clubs Act 1976 holds an approval of the Licensing Court to act as secretary of that club.
  25. provides administrative support to Principal and school staff.