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(of a place) Not seen or visited by many people; sheltered and private,
  1. (of a place) Not seen or visited by many people; sheltered and private
    • - the gardens are quiet and secluded

  1. privy: hidden from general view or use; "a privy place to rest and think"; "a secluded romantic spot"; "a secret garden"
  2. cloistered: providing privacy or seclusion; "the cloistered academic world of books"; "sat close together in the sequestered pergola"; "sitting under the reclusive calm of a shade tree"; "a secluded romantic spot"
  3. (seclude) keep away from others; "He sequestered himself in his study to write a book"
  4. (seclusion) privacy: the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others
  5. (Seclusion) A person, a couple, or a larger group may go to a secluded place for privacy, or because the place is quiet.
  6. (Seclusion (album)) Seclusion is the third album by the Scottish rock band Aereogramme. The album artwork was created by Aaron Turner.
  7. hidden, isolated, remote
  8. (seclude) To shut off or keep apart, as from company, society, etc.; withdraw from society or into solitude: as, to seclude oneself from the world; To shut or keep out; exclude; preclude
  9. (Seclusion) (Aislamiento) – Placing a child in a locked room of any kind if that room is designed solely to seclude a person and contains less than 50 square feet of space. ...
  10. (Seclusion) The placement of a person served alone for any period of time in a hazard-free room or other area in which direct observation can be maintained and from which egress is prevented.
  11. (Seclusion) The supervised confinement of a patient in a room, which may be locked to protect others from significant harm. Its sole aim is to contain severely disturbed/violent behaviour that is likely to cause harm to others. ...
  12. (Seclusion) Time-out period away from the group usually in the youths room or other designated place.  Few facilities use and few states allow locked seclusion rooms.
  13. in a remote location, apart from others
  14. corner (198): isolated