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scores, plural;
  1. Gain (a point, goal, run, etc.) in a competitive game
    • - Penn State scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter
    • - Martinez scored on Anderson's sacrifice fly
  2. Decide on the score to be awarded to (a competitor)
    • - the judge must score each dog against this standard
  3. Gain (a number of points) for a competitor; be worth
    • - each correct answer scores ten points
  4. Decide on the scores to be awarded in (a game or competition)

  5. Record the score during a game; act as scorer

  6. Cause (a teammate) to score
    • - McNab singled, scoring Reynolds and Diaz
  7. Secure (a success or an advantage)
    • - the band scored a hit single
  8. Be successful
    • - his new movie scored big
  9. Buy or acquire (something, typically illegal drugs)
    • - Sally had scored some acid
  10. Succeed in attracting a sexual partner, typically for a casual encounter

  11. Orchestrate or arrange (a piece of music), typically for a specified instrument or instruments
    • - the Quartet Suite was scored for flute, violin, viola da gamba, and continuo
  12. Compose the music for (a movie or play)

  13. Cut or scratch a notch or line on (a surface)
    • - score the card until you cut through
  14. Record (a total owed) by making marks against a customer's name
    • - a slate on which the old man scored up vast accounts
  15. Examine (experimentally treated cells, bacterial colonies, etc.), making a record of the number showing a particular character

  1. The number of points, goals, runs, etc., achieved in a game
    • - the final score was 25–16 in favor of Washington
  2. The number of points, goals, runs, etc., achieved by an individual player or a team in a game
    • - his highest score of the season
  3. An act of gaining a point, goal, or run in a game

  4. A rating or grade, such as a mark achieved in a test
    • - an IQ score of 161
  5. The state of affairs; the real facts about the present situation
    • - “Hey, what's the score here, what's goin' on?”
  6. An act of buying illegal drugs

  7. The proceeds of a crime

  8. A group or set of twenty or about twenty
    • - a score of men lost their lives in the battle
    • - Doyle's success brought imitators by the score
  9. A large amount or number of something
    • - he sent scores of enthusiastic letters to friends
  10. A written representation of a musical composition showing all the vocal and instrumental parts arranged one below the other

  11. The music composed for a movie or play

  12. A notch or line cut or scratched into a surface

  13. A running account kept by marks against a customer's name, typically in a tavern

  1. mark: a number or letter indicating quality (especially of a student's performance); "she made good marks in algebra"; "grade A milk"; "what was your score on your homework?"
  2. gain points in a game; "The home team scored many times"; "He hit a home run"; "He hit .300 in the past season"
  3. a written form of a musical composition; parts for different instruments appear on separate staves on large pages; "he studied the score of the sonata"
  4. make small marks into the surface of; "score the clay before firing it"
  5. a number that expresses the accomplishment of a team or an individual in a game or contest; "the score was 7 to 0"
  6. make underscoring marks
  7. SCORE! Educational Centers (commonly SCORE!), was owned by Kaplan, Inc., which is a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company, and was a United States provider of customized supplementary education and one-on-three tutoring services for children in kindergarten through ninth grade. SCORE! ...
  8. Score is a 3 CD/2 DVD combination by progressive metal band Dream Theater. It is a live album, recorded on April 1, 2006 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. This is the final concert of their 20th Anniversary Tour, labeled "A Very Special Evening with Dream Theater". ...
  9. Score is the name of a sexploitation film directed by Radley Metzger that was one of the first films to explore bisexual relationships. It was part of the brief porn chic fad in the early 1970s that also included The Devil in Miss Jones and Deep Throat. ...
  10. In games, score refers to an abstract quantity associated with a player or team. Score is usually measured in the abstract unit of points, and events in the game can raise or lower the score of different parties. ...
  11. The Score Group is a publishing company based in Miami, Florida that engages in the production and distribution of adult entertainment. ...
  12. Sheet music is a hand-written or printed form of musical notation; like its analogs—books, pamphlets, etc.—the medium of sheet music typically is paper (or, in earlier times, parchment), although the access to musical notation in recent years includes also presentation on computer screens. ...
  13. The total number of points earned by a participant in a game; The number of points accrued by each of the participants in a game, expressed as a ratio or a series of numbers; Twenty, 20 (number); One or more parts of a musical composition in a format indicating how the composition is to be ...
  14. (scoring) The process of keeping score in a sport or contest; The process of winning points in a sport or contest; The action of scratching paper or other material to make it easier to fold; Of something or someone that scores
  15. (Scored) In the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) peer review process, applications that are judged by a study section to be competitive, i.e., generally in the upper half of the applications reviewed. ...
  16. (Scored) A Scoring Object is Scored in a Goal if it is not touching a Robot of the same color of the Scoring Object and it meets one of the following criteria.
  17. (Scored) A brake disc that is scratched, grooved, or lined with small cuts
  18. (Scored) The exterior walls have a 3/4" spaced novelty siding profile that is milled into the walls. The outside finish makes these kits easy to assemble and ready to paint. "Scored" kits include everything you see in the picture. Stucco
  19. (scored) The past tense of "score", which means to gain for addition to one's point in a game or match.
  20. (SCORES) A procedure used to cut sheet material. A sharp knife is used to cut the material to a minimal depth. The sheet may be bent or broken completely by hand to produce the necessary finished size of material. This procedure is inexpensive, but not preferred. ...
  21. (SCORES) Stent Comparative Restenosis [trial]
  22. (Scores) The Bulls won the final game by a score of 114 to 106.
  23. Selected Scores across sites.
  24. (Scoring) Running a utility knife blade, a sharpened awl, scoring tool, or other sharp implement across a soffit or siding panel face without cutting all the way through the panel. This weakens the vinyl surface in a specific area and allows the panel to be bent and broken off cleanly.
  25. (Scoring) A perfect score would be 100 points. There are two judges, one on each side of the arena. Each will give up to 25 points to the rider, determined by how much control is shown throughout the eight seconds. ...