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scenarios, plural;
  1. A written outline of a movie, novel, or stage work giving details of the plot and individual scenes
    • - imagine the scenarios for four short stories
  2. A postulated sequence or development of events
    • - a possible scenario is that he was attacked after opening the front door
  3. A setting, in particular for a work of art or literature
    • - the scenario is World War II

  1. an outline or synopsis of a play (or, by extension, of a literary work)
  2. a setting for a work of art or literature; "the scenario is France during the Reign of Terror"
  3. a postulated sequence of possible events; "planners developed several scenarios in case of an attack"
  4. A scenario (from Italian, that which is pinned to the scenery) is a synthetic description of an event or series of actions and events. In the Commedia dell'arte it was an outline of entrances, exits, and action describing the plot of a play that was literally pinned to the back of the scenery. ...
  5. Scenario is a 1983 album by jazz fusion guitarist, Al Di Meola. It furthered the musical direction that became apparent on his previous album Electric Rendezvous and saw a greater influence of keyboard player Jan Hammer on the album. ...
  6. In computing, a scenario is a narrative describing foreseeable interactions of types of users (characters) and the system. Scenarios include information about goals, expectations, motivations, actions and reactions. ...
  7. "Scenario" is the third single from A Tribe Called Quest's second album The Low End Theory (1991). The song features members of Leaders of the New School. Matt Cibula of PopMatters called the track hip hop's greatest posse cut. ...
  8. An outline of the plot of a dramatic or literary work; A screenplay itself, or an outline or a treatment of it; An outline or model of an expected or supposed sequence of events
  9. (Scenarios) "Short stories" that describe a system interaction with respect to some quality attribute. ...
  10. (Scenarios) Hypothetical sketches of what the practice's future could look like.
  11. (Scenarios) In the context of performance testing, a scenario is a sequence of steps in your application. A scenario can represent a use case or a business function such as searching a product catalog, adding an item to a shopping cart, or placing an order.
  12. (Scenarios) There are two main scenarios used to predict climate change. Low scenario consists of " convergent world with the same global population, that peaks in mid-century and declines thereafter, ... ...
  13. (Scenarios) alternative data sets that let you view the impact of specific changes on your worksheet.
  14. (Scenarios) are different versions of a scene.  They share the same location and the same layers, but the features within layers may differ from scenario to scenario.  These are useful for comparing, say, two different plans for a building site. ...
  15. (Scenarios) stories about users getting work done in context. (may be a concrete example of one use case but more likely are a string of use cases the user needs to complete an activity.)
  16. (scenarios) are realistic combinations of changed parameters
  17. (scenarios) in GEMIS are the combination of demands (e.g. for heat, electricity, transports) with supply processes (e.g. heating system, powerplant, car). For scenarios, GEMIS calculates emissions, residues, resource use, costs etc. for life-cycles.
  18. Scenarios are sets of interactions among roles.
  19. Normally (in futures studies) this refers to brief description of a possible future. This is known as a snapshot scenario, because it's like a snapshot or photo of the future. ...
  20. the situation in which an interface is to be used
  21. Tag that allows for additional information to be associated with facts in an instance document; this information encompasses in particular the reporting circumstances of the fact, as for example "actual or forecast." The scenario of any fact can be left unspecified.
  22. A description of several (usually 3-5) possible descriptions of a situation. Hypothetical situations are interspersed with expected extrapolations of trends to list a combination of events that describes how a situation might occur. ...
  23. A story which has the key elements of a realistic situation when the user would interact with the system being designed or evaluated.  The scenario includes consideration of the user's goals, tasks and interaction. ...
  24. n.  written outline of a film, play, etc with details of the scenes and plot
  25. The combination of weapon and attack mode on a specific target or critical asset (for example, the release of sarin gas in a subway train). [GAO] (see also attack, critical, target)