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Of a brilliant red color,
  1. Of a brilliant red color
    • - a mass of scarlet berries
  2. (of an offense or sin) Wicked; heinous

  3. Immoral, esp. promiscuous or unchaste

  1. A brilliant red color
    • - papers lettered in scarlet and black
  2. Clothes or material of this color

  1. a variable color that is vivid red but sometimes with an orange tinge
  2. red: of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies
  3. Scarlet is the fourth studio album by Polish gothic rock band Closterkeller. It was released on January 16, 1995 in Poland through Izabelin Studio/PolyGram Polska. The album was recorded at Izabelin Studio from August to October, 1994. ...
  4. Scarlet is a metalcore band from Richmond, Virginia currently on a long term hiatus.
  5. Scarlet was a UK based vocal duo from Hull, East Yorkshire, England. They consisted of Cheryl Parker (vocalist, guitarist) and Jo Youle (pianist, keyboardist, vocalist). The group originally had a third member, Joanna Fox, but she left before the band had any major success.
  6. Scarlet was a type of fine and expensive woollen cloth common in Medieval England.
  7. Scarlet is the debut album by British quartet Code Red, released in 1997 via Polydor Records. Unlike other European boybands like Boyzone, Westlife, and Take That, Code Red had more of a soul and R&B genre, which reflected in most of their songs.
  8. Scarlet (from the Persian سآقرلآت säqirlāt) is a bright red color with a hue that is somewhat toward the orange. It is redder than vermilion. It is a pure chroma on the color wheel one-fourth of the way between red and orange. Traditionally, scarlet is the color of flame. ...
  9. Scarlet or Scarlett, in comics, may refer to: *Scarlet (Marvel Comics), a 2010 series from writer Brian Michael Bendis *Scarlet (DC Comics), a DC Comics character who has appeared in Batman and Robin *Scarlett (DC Comics), a 1993 DC Comics series *Scarlett (G.I. Joe), a G.I. ...
  10. R&R is the name of a fictional nightclub in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, located at the fictional address of 4 Turpin Road.
  11. Final Fantasy VII, a console role-playing game developed by Square (now Square Enix) and originally released in 1997, features a large number of fictional characters in major and minor roles. ...
  12. Scarlet is a creator-owned comic book series written by Brian Michael Bendis under Marvel Comics' Icon imprint. The title is illustrated and co-created by Alex Maleev.
  13. Scarlet is a monthly women's magazine launched in November 2004 with the tag line, "the new magazine for women who get it". The current editor is Laura Godman and it is published by Blaze Publishing Ltd, since sold to Interactive Publishing. ...
  14. October is the second album by Irish rock band U2, released in 1981. The album featured spiritual themes, inspired by Bono, The Edge, and Larry Mullen, Jr. ...
  15. Scarlet is a telecommunications company active in The Netherlands and Belgium as an Internet Service Provider and provider of fixed and mobile telephony. It has minor operations in Luxembourg, Curaçao and Sint-Maarten.
  16. The Scarlets are one of the four professional Welsh regional rugby union teams. Based in Llanelli, south-west Wales the team play at the Parc y Scarlets stadium. They play in the Magners League, as well as competing in the LV= Cup and the Heineken Cup. ...
  17. A bright red, slightly orange colour; a scarlet-coloured cloth; Of a bright red colour; Sinful or whorish
  18. To be very embarrassed e.g. 'I was scarlet'
  19. This dye was obtained by the Egyptians from the shell-fish Carthamus tinctorius; and by the Hebrews from the Coccus ilicis, an insect which infests oak trees, called kermes by the Arabians. This colour was early known (Gen 38:28). ...
  20. Proper term for the color of a red coat.
  21. Symbol of justification or of atoning faculties. As used with regard to the "scarlet" colored "beast," it would be a symbol of sin.
  22. siqillat, fine cloth. ".[20]
  23. A brilliant red color.
  24. (Tiger/Suzurin) No Encyclopedia information.