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sausages, plural;
  1. A short cylindrical tube of minced pork, beef, or other meat encased in a skin, typically sold raw to be grilled, boiled, or fried before eating

  2. A cylindrical tube of minced pork, beef, or other meat seasoned and cooked or preserved, sold mainly to be eaten cold in slices
    • - smoked German sausage
  3. Used in references to the characteristic cylindrical shape of sausages
    • - mold into a sausage shape

  1. highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
  2. blimp: a small nonrigid airship used for observation or as a barrage balloon
  3. A sausage is a food made from ground meat, and, usually, salt, herbs, and spices.
  4. Sausage is an independent demo album by the band Baboon. It was released on cassette in 1992. This version of "Kamikaze" is also on the We're from Texas compilation.
  5. Primus is an American rock band composed of singer and bassist Les Claypool, guitarist Larry "Ler" LaLonde, and drummer Jay Lane. They are characterized by their irreverent approach to music. ...
  6. (Sausages) are focused upon successful undertakings and if you eat sausage then it indicates a pleasant domestic life.
  7. (sausages) (n): Used to describe toes that are so cold from wearing wet waders into the 30 degree air and standing on cold rocks. The toes feel as if they are swollen like sausages and then crammed into boots that are too small!
  8. To dream of making sausage, denotes that you will be successful in many undertakings. To eat them, you will have a humble, but pleasant home.
  9. Basically, sausage is ground meat with fat, salt, seasonings, preservatives, and sometimes fillers. They may be smoked, fresh, dry or semi-dry, uncooked, partially cooked, or fully cooked. There are thousands of variations of sausage.
  10. A player who plays with no sense. Example (all in with a 2,9)
  11. n.s. [saucisse, French; salsum, Latin.] A roll or ball made commonly of pork or veal, and sometimes of beef, minced very small, with salt and spice; sometimes it is stuffed into the guts of fowls, and sometimes only rolled in flower.
  12. a balloon that is short and wide, resembling a sausage. Generally a sign of lazy Word Arrangement, though master letterers Tom Frame and Todd Klein somehow manage to use them successfully.
  13. Add some cooked ground or chopped sausage to your bread for a wonderful taste treat. How about adding a good breakfast sausage? Serve toasted with poached eggs.
  14. a goal in Australian Rules football (from rhyming slang: sausage-roll).
  15. rolled newspaper ready to fill with explosive
  16. A bin full of meat trim, gristle, tendon and fat, as in, "Oh that? We're going to make sausage out of that." Sausage, once discovered, is usually labeled the "best part of the chicken," and turned into "schnizzle" before it turns green.
  17. (Bucket head) (AmE) Derogatory for soldier.
  18. usually pork, deep-fried plain or in batter, or saveloys. Some chip shops use variations or combinations of other British sausages. ...
  19. The two major ones are Andouille and Boudin, but deer and simple pork are prevalent as well.  As cajun cooks have a strong butchering and charcuterie element in their culture, sausage making is still a thriving art.
  20. longganisa (local sausage)
  21. Accidentally choke-hugged.