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salons, plural;
  1. An establishment where a hairdresser, beautician, or couturier conducts business

  2. A reception room in a large house

  3. A regular social gathering of eminent people (esp. writers and artists) at the house of a woman prominent in high society

  4. A meeting of intellectuals or other eminent people at the invitation of a celebrity or socialite

  5. An annual exhibition of the work of living artists held by the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris, originally in the Salon d'Apollon in the Louvre in 1667

  1. gallery where works of art can be displayed
  2. a shop where hairdressers and beauticians work
  3. elegant sitting room where guests are received
  4. The salons of Early Modern and Revolutionary France played an integral role in the cultural and intellectual development of France. The salons were seen by contemporary writers as a cultural hub, responsible for the dissemination of good manners and sociability. ...
  5. A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase their knowledge of the participants through conversation. ...
  6. Salon is a town and a nagar panchayat in Rae Bareli district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
  7., part of Salon Media Group , often just called Salon, is an online magazine, with content updated each weekday. Salon was founded by David Talbot as one of the internet's first online publications. Salon primarily focuses on U.S. politics and current affairs, amongst other issues. ...
  8. The Salon (Salon), or rarely Paris Salon (French: Salon de Paris), beginning in 1725 was the official art exhibition of the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France. Between 1748–1890 it was the greatest annual or biannual art event in the Western world. ...
  9. A drawing room is a room in a house where visitors may be entertained. The name is derived from the sixteenth-century terms "withdrawing room" and "withdrawing chamber," which remained in use through the seventeenth century, and made its first written appearance in 1642 (OED). ...
  10. The Salon was a British reality TV show where various members of the public (some famous) were invited daily to have treatments (mostly hair styles) in a studio built beauty salon situated in Balham, south-west London, and in the second series, a purpose-built studio inside the Trocadero, ...
  11. The Salon is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Nick Bertozzi. Originally published in installments on the website in 2002, it was eventually published in its entirety by St. Martin's Press in April 2007.
  12. The Salon is a 2005 comedy-drama film, directed by Mark Brown, executive produced by David Odom, and starring Vivica A. Fox, Kym Whitley, and Monica Calhoun. The movie was filmed in Baltimore, Maryland.
  13. a large room, especially one used to receive and entertain guests; a gathering of people for a social or intellectual meeting; an art gallery; a beauty salon or similar establishment
  14. A general term for a group art exhibition in France.
  15. Full-sized, well-appointed cabin on the main deck level of a motoryacht, convertible or megayacht used for entertaining.
  16. any of the annual exhibitions of artworks held in France.  Often, today, the term is used negatively to describe the exhibitions of the mid-nineteenth century of traditional, formulaic art works that appealed to a wealthy, unimaginative clientele. ...
  17. Intellectual assembly in an aristocratic setting; primarily associated with France in the 1600s and 1700s.
  18. Jonathan Lethem: "Monstrous Acts and Little Murders"
  19. (a) a large reception room in an elegant private house; (b) an officially sponsored exhibition of works of art.
  20. A style of dancing for the milonga or small club, as opposed to stage tango or Fantasia.
  21. Style of tango best suited for social dancing. Always following line of dance, being aware and be courteous to others.
  22. used to be Lin-lor who moved to concentrate on their prime salons in London, New York, Paris and Crossford.
  23. (m) 1: living-room. 2: trade show.
  24. article on William Wegman
  25. A very elegant showroom.