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ruts, plural;
  1. Engage in such activity
    • - a rutting stag
  1. An annual period of sexual activity in deer and some other mammals, during which the males fight each other for access to the females

  1. be in a state of sexual excitement; of male mammals
  2. a groove or furrow (especially one in soft earth caused by wheels)
  3. a settled and monotonous routine that is hard to escape; "they fell into a conversational rut"
  4. furrow: hollow out in the form of a furrow or groove; "furrow soil"
  5. estrus: applies to nonhuman mammals: a state or period of heightened sexual arousal and activity
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  7. Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport , formerly known as Rutland State Airport, is a state-owned public-use airport located in North Clarendon, five miles (8 km) south of the central business district of Rutland, a city in Rutland County, Vermont, United States. ...
  8. The rut is the mating season of ruminant animals such as deer, sheep, elk, moose, caribou, ibex, goats, pronghorn and Asian and African antelope.
  9. A rut is a depression or groove worn into a road or path by the travel of wheels or skis or by erosion from flowing water. In cold climate areas, such as Scandinavia, studded tires cause significant road surface wear in terms of rutting. Ruts can be removed by grading a road surface.
  10. Rutherglen is a railway station in the town centre of Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, and lying on the Argyle railway line. The station is served by a single island platform, connected to the street by a footbridge. ...
  11. The Ruts were a reggae-influenced British punk rock band, notable for the 1979 Top 10 hit "Babylon's Burning", and an earlier single "In a Rut", which was not a hit but was much played and highly regarded by the UK BBC Radio 1 disc jockey, John Peel.
  12. Sexual desire or oestrus of cattle, and various other mammals; to be in the annual rut; to have sexual intercourse
  13. (ruts) A deep area between moguls.
  14. (Ruts) Terrain that has lots of long holes in it caused by erosion.
  15. (Ruts) Tracks created by repetitive skiing that can make for treacherous ski conditions.
  16. (Ruts) depressions made by the tires of vehicles such as skidders, log trucks, pickups, etc. usually under wet conditions
  17. (Ruts) the permanent deformation (depression) left in a material as a result of regular or heavy use. You will notice areas that are used more often will be pushed lower into the ground than the surrounding areas.
  18. (Ruts) tracks or depressions in trails generally caused by tires or erosion. In ski trails, ruts can be caused by skis in soft snow.
  19. A period of time when antlered ungulates mate.During the rut (rutting period), males often rub their antlers or horns on trees or shrubs, fight with each other and seek estrus females by their scent.
  20. a period of sexual excitement; the mating season (especially in the deer family)
  21. The annual breeding season, normally in the fall, when females begin their estrus cycle and males attempt to assert their dominance.
  22. A period of concentrated mating; the mating season.  Often used with reference to males.
  23. A depression in a roads made by continuous passage of heavy vehicles.
  24. is a general term that refers to the breeding period of mammals, especially the deer, elk and moose. During the rut, males exhibit specific behaviors to establish harems or to attract females to mate with.
  25. The “rut” is slang for what is normally referred to as mating season. It is usually used to signify that the male deer have entered mating season, such as when someone says, “The bucks are in rut.”