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Read-only memory,
  1. Read-only memory

  1. A Gypsy, esp. a man

  1. read-only memory: (computer science) memory whose contents can be accessed and read but cannot be changed
  2. Macedonia (Македонија), officially the Republic of Macedonia (Република Македонија, transliterated: Republika Makedonija), is a country located in the central Balkan peninsula in Southeastern Europe. ...
  3. ROM, Rom, or rom is an abbreviation and name that may refer to: *Rom is a term denoting the alcoholic beverage Rum; *Rom-Pope is a sweet beverage.
  4. The Epistle of Paul to the Romans, usually referred to simply as Romans, is the sixth book in the New Testament. Biblical scholars agree that it was written by the Apostle Paul to explain that Salvation is offered through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ...
  5. Rom is the second album released by German disco group Dschinghis Khan.
  6. Rom is a fictional character, a cosmic superhero in the . He first appears in Rom #1 (1979) and was created by Bill Mantlo and Al Milgrom.
  7. Rom is a municipality in the district of Parchim, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.
  8. read-only memory; A software image of read-only memory (as of a game cartridge) used in emulation; Range of Motion; Return on Margin; Rough order of magnitude. An informal cost or price estimate provided for planning and budgeting purposes only, typically expected to be only 75% accurate
  9. A male member of the Romani people, who is married and considered respectable amongst the family; The ethnic designation used by the Romani people from Eastern Europe
  10. (roms) read only memory - a means for storing information within semiconductors, generally used in midi to store additional sounds.
  11. Literally, "Read Only Memory." In Android, it's what you load for a major software update. "Custom ROMs" are just that -- developed outside control of a manufacturer or carrier.
  12. Pronounced "romm." The generic term for the non-volatile memory that can be read from but not written to. A computer's BIOS is typically contained in ROM. ...
  13. chips that store data that needs to be maintained constantly
  14. Read-only memory is similar to RAM only cannot be altered and does not lose its contents when power is removed.
  15. Acronym for Read Only Memory. ROM chips in a computer contain data and programs as supplied by the manufacturer that can be accessed but not changed, i.e. they are read-only. ROM is also used to describe CD-ROMs. ...
  16. Read only memory. An electronic chip, containing digital information that does not disappear when power is turned off.
  17. (Read-Only Memory) is a storage chip which contains the BIOS (Basic Input / Output System), the basic instructions required to boot the computer and start up the operating system.
  18. Read-Only Memory. One of two basic types of memory. ROM contains only permanent information put there by the manufacturer. Information in ROM cannot be altered, nor can the memory be dynamically allocated by the computer or its operator.
  19. Read Only Memory. Special memory used to store programs that boot the computer and perform diagnostics. ROM retains its contents even when the computer is turned off.
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  21. This a type of memory containing data that normally can only be read, not altered.
  22. In computers, nonvolatile memory (memory that retains its stored data when power is removed that stores permanent programs. ROM usually consists of solid-state chips. (Inglis & Luther, 1996)
  23. An optical disk part, entirely pre-recorded, in an irreversible way, with data. The data can be read many times.
  24. Read-only Memory is a form of memory in which the data or programs are written to it once at the time of manufacture and always retained thereafter, even if the computer s power is turned off.
  25. Regional Operations Manager - colelague in control of a smaller Cluster of stores within a region