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The process of calling out a list of names to establish who is present,
  1. The process of calling out a list of names to establish who is present

  2. A list or group of people or things that are notable in some specified way
    • - the roll call of nations that lack full religious rights

  1. calling out an official list of names
  2. Roll call is the calling of the names of people from a list (roll) to determine the presence or absence of the listed people (also known as a register in countries such as the United Kingdom). ...
  3. Roll Call is a newspaper published in Washington, D.C., United States, from Monday to Thursday when the United States Congress is in session and on Mondays only during recess. ...
  4. Roll Call is the debut album recorded by girl group IQ. During its first release, the album came with a DVD of an introduction featuring IQ, performances and IQ with groups such as B5, Jada and Everlife. The album was later sold as an Enhanced CD with the audio and video all on one disc.
  5. Roll Call is an album by jazz tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley. Considered one of his best alongside Soul Station (also recorded in 1960), Roll Call features some of the most prominent musicians of the hard bop era, specifically Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Art Blakey, and Freddie Hubbard.
  6. Traces is a series of novels written by author Malcolm Rose, about the adventures of Forensic Investigator Luke Harding and his Mobile Aid To Law And Crime, Malc. The first book, "Framed! ...
  7. A recorded vote is a vote in which the names of those voting for and against a motion may be recorded.
  8. the reading aloud of a list of names, and subsequent responses, in order to determine who is present or absent; the time of day fixed for such an event; such an event in a legislative body in order to determine if a quorum exists
  9. (Roll Calls) Records for the record each individual legislator’s vote on 3rd Reading, contested amendments and conference committee reports. A "verified" roll call is when each legislator is called by name and records his/her vote orally.
  10. This feature allows a host to play a roll call of the participants in the conference.  Name record must be enabled to utilize this feature.
  11. To determine a vote on a question by the taking of names of those in favor and those opposed.
  12. A recitation by the reading clerk of each legislator’s name, done at the beginning of a floor session, or during a call of the House or Senate, for the purposes of identifying those present.
  13. is a private Capitol Hill newspaper focusing on the people, events, and activities of Congress
  14. A formal vote on a bill or amendment taken by each legislator announcing "yea" "no" or "present" as their name is read by the clerk.
  15. The formal procedure of determining the votes for and against a parliamentary procedure or piece of legislation, roll calls are also taken as a matter or course in determining the presence of a quorum. ...
  16. The first half hour of a watch, reserved for attendance, inspection, briefings, and training
  17. Tagging everyone's name in a crew, or the list of people who helped create it to the side of the piece. Not done very often - tagbangers seem to like doing this.
  18. The taking of votes by individual member either in committee or in the full chamber.  In the House chamber roll calls are conducted by electronic means.  In the Senate they are done by orally polling senators one at a time. ...
  19. Calling the names of members or delegates to verify their attendance.
  20. in which a guest or cast member, usually flummoxed by constant /nick changes, attempts to read the screennames of everyone in the IRC channel.
  21. Taking attendance of band members on band bus.
  22. The first order of business in a Model UN committee, during which the Rapporteur reads aloud the names of each member state in the committee. When a delegate's country's name is called, he or she may respond "present" or "present and voting. ...
  23. A recorded vote taken on third reading and final passage of a bill or on request of a member with support of four other members.
  24. The process by which Council members cast their individual votes. These decisions are recorded by the City Clerk according to how each Council member votes.
  25. A way of actually holding committee members accountable for their votes. Often mistaken by Republicans as a motion to run and pick up pastries for the entire committee.