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richest, superlative; richer, comparative;
  1. Having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy
    • - most of these artists are already quite rich
    • - every day the gap between the rich and the poor widens
  2. (of a country or region) Having valuable natural resources or a successful economy

  3. Of expensive materials or workmanship; demonstrating wealth
    • - rich mahogany furniture
  4. Generating wealth; valuable
    • - not all football players enjoy rich rewards from the game
  5. Plentiful; abundant
    • - the nation’s rich and diverse wildlife
  6. Having (a particular thing) in large amounts
    • - many vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidant vitamins
    • - a protein-rich diet
  7. (of food) Containing a large amount of fat, spices, sugar, etc
    • - dishes with wonderfully rich sauces
  8. (of drink) Full-bodied
    • - a rich, hoppy beer
  9. (of the mixture in an internal combustion engine) Containing a high proportion of fuel

  10. (of a color or sound) Pleasantly deep and strong
    • - his rich bass voice
  11. (of a smell or taste) Pleasantly smooth and mellow
    • - Basmati rice has a rich aroma
  12. Interesting because full of diversity or complexity
    • - what a full, rich life you lead!
  13. Producing a large quantity of something
    • - novels have always been a rich source of material for the film industry
  14. (of soil or a piece of land) Having the properties necessary to produce fertile growth

  15. (of a mine or mineral deposit) Yielding a large quantity or proportion of precious metal

  16. (of a remark) Causing ironic amusement or indignation
    • - these comments are a bit rich coming from a woman with no money worries

  1. possessing material wealth; "her father is extremely rich"; "many fond hopes are pinned on rich uncles"
  2. rich people: people who have possessions and wealth (considered as a group); "only the very rich benefit from this legislation"
  3. having an abundant supply of desirable qualities or substances (especially natural resources); "blessed with a land rich in minerals"; "rich in ideas"; "rich with cultural interest"
  4. of great worth or quality; "a rich collection of antiques"
  5. fat: marked by great fruitfulness; "fertile farmland"; "a fat land"; "a productive vineyard"; "rich soil"
  6. deep: strong; intense; "deep purple"; "a rich red"
  7. Louis Claude Marie Richard (September 19, 1754 – June 6, 1821) was a French botanist.
  8. A Ring Imaging Cherenkov detector (RICH detector) is a particle detector that can determine the velocity, , of a charged particle. This is done by an indirect measurement of the Cherenkov angle, , i.e. the angle between the emitted Čerenkov radiation and the particle path. ...
  9. Rich is a surname. Many people with this surname originally had the surname "Reich" yet dropped the 'e' to change it to "Rich."
  10. The use of wine tasting descriptors allow the taster an opportunity to put into words the aromas and flavors that they experience and can be used in assessing the overall quality of wine. ...
  11. Achille Richard was a French botanist and physician (27 April 1794 in Paris - 5 October 1852).
  12. (Riches (Deacon Blue album)) Riches is a limited edition compilation album that was temporarily included with the Raintown album by the Scottish rock band Deacon Blue, starting in February 1988. Only 20,000 copies were made.
  13. Wealthy: having a lot of money and possessions; Plentiful, abounding, abundant; Very amusing; Ridiculous, absurd; Used to form adjectives when combined with common nouns for things considered desirable in the context. ...
  14. (riches) Money, goods, wealth, treasure
  15. (Riches) (1) the savings of many in the hands of one. (2) the reward of toil and virtue.
  16. (Riches) to arrive at: as in he riches his destination
  17. Intensity description indicating gases and vapors are present at highly pronounced strengths.
  18. Wines with generous, full, pleasant flavors, usually sweet and round in nature, are described as rich. In dry wines, richness may be supplied by high alcohol and glycerin, by complex flavors and by an oaky vanilla character. ...
  19. Full, opulent flavor, body and aroma.
  20. carburetor settings are called Rich when the mixture of fuel and air are biased toward more fuel than would be used in the standard mixture.
  21. Wines that are high in extract, flavor, and intensity of fruit.
  22. Describes full-bodied wines with generous flavours and a pleasing roundness.
  23. amusing, funny, improbable. "Oh, that's rich!"
  24. When I talk about rich I don’t just mean in money. I mean rich as a balance of abundance in love, laughter, fun, health, happiness, family, friends, time, AND money. I’ve met many people with huge amounts of money and no happiness.