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retirements, plural;
  1. The action or fact of leaving one's job and ceasing to work
    • - a man nearing retirement
    • - the library has seen a large number of retirements this year
  2. The period of one's life after leaving one's job and ceasing to work
    • - he spent much of his retirement traveling in Europe
  3. The action or fact of ceasing to play a sport competitively

  4. The withdrawal of a jury from the courtroom to decide their verdict

  5. The period of time during which a jury decides their verdict
    • - a three-hour retirement
  6. Seclusion
    • - he lived in retirement in Miami
  7. A secluded or private place
    • - Vermont, where he has a sweet country retirement

  1. the state of being retired from one's business or occupation
  2. withdrawal from your position or occupation
  3. withdrawal for prayer and study and meditation; "the religious retreat is a form of vacation activity"
  4. (retire) go into retirement; stop performing one's work or withdraw from one's position; "He retired at age 68"
  5. (retire) withdraw: pull back or move away or backward; "The enemy withdrew"; "The limo pulled away from the curb"
  6. (retire) withdraw from circulation or from the market, as of bills, shares, and bonds
  7. Retirement is the point where a person stops employment completely (or decides to leave the labor force if he or she is unemployed). A person may also semi-retire by reducing work hours. ...
  8. The retirement of a Beanie Baby or a product from any line of Ty Inc., the manufacturer of Beanie Babies and other lines of collectibles, is its withdrawal from production. This has occurred in varying amounts of time following its introduction, depending on Ty's goals for that particular item. ...
  9. An act of retiring, or the state of being retired; withdrawal; seclusion; as, the retirement of an officer; the portion of one's life after retiring from one's career; : A place of seclusion or privacy; a place to which one withdraws or retreats; a private abode
  10. (Retirements) Transactions in securities that represent the amount of capital reimbursed by the issuer at the date of maturity of the securities.
  11. (Retire) To postpone or end one's innings, either voluntarily through boredom when you're simply too good for the opposition, or involuntarily and in agony, when a nasty fast bowler has taken his pound of flesh.
  12. (Retiré) [ruh-tee-RAY] Withdrawn. A position in which the thigh is raised to the second position en l’air with the knee bent so that the pointed toe rests in front of, behind or to the side of the supporting knee.
  13. (Retire) Leave employment because of age
  14. (RETIRE (A DEBT)) To fulfill one's obligations under a loan or mortgage so that the lender has no further claims against the borrower.
  15. (RETIRE) retreat; to draw back
  16. (Retire) As used in racing, to drop out of a race due to mechanical difficulties or irreparable damage. Also used, however, in the conventional sense, as in to retire from the sport.
  17. (Retire) At the request of the handler, the run is ended.
  18. (Retire) The umpire calls an out, and a batter or base runner cannot advance to the next base.
  19. (Retire) To mark a carbon credit as permanently cancelled and unavailable for sale, transfer or further use as a financial instrument. Carbon offsets are retired onto registries, allowing the public to confirm their retirement, so as to avoid double-counting.
  20. (Retire) To permanently remove carbon offsets from market to ensure that they are not re-sold. Offsets are usually retired by giving them individual serial numbers and placing them in an official registry.
  21. (Retire) To stop using a piece of climbing gear (for climbing) due to age or damage.
  22. (Retire) Withdraw an Application, IT Service etc. from use in the Live Environment.
  23. (Retire) much like a passe, only the raised foot literally "rests" against the front or back of the supporting knee
  24. (retire) Determines the trading goal (i.e., the retire amount).
  25. (Retired) Clients who are of legal age, stopped working and have withdrawn from one's occupation.