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Limited in extent, number, scope, or action,
  1. Limited in extent, number, scope, or action
    • - Western scientists had only restricted access to the site
  2. (of a document or information) For limited circulation and not to be revealed to the public for reasons of national security

  3. (of a virus) Unable to reproduce at its normal rate in certain hosts

  4. (of DNA) Subject to degradation by a restriction enzyme

  1. subject to restriction or subjected to restriction; "of restricted importance"
  2. restricted in meaning; (as e.g. `man' in `a tall man')
  3. the lowest level of official classification for documents
  4. confining: restricting the scope or freedom of action
  5. (restriction) the act of keeping something within specified bounds (by force if necessary); "the restriction of the infection to a focal area"
  6. (Restriction (mathematics)) In mathematics, the notion of restriction finds a general definition in the context of sheaves.
  7. (Restrictions (album)) Restrictions is the third and the last album by the original line-up of the American hard rock supergroup Cactus, released in 1971 under the Atco label. ...
  8. limited within bounds; available only to certain authorized groups of people; one of the classifications of the secrecy of an official document; qualified
  9. (Restricting) Oppression denotes structural and material constraints that significantly shape a person’s life chances and sense of possibility.
  10. (Restriction) The term, as used in relation to real property, means that the owner of real property is restricted or prohibited from doing certain things relating to the property or using the property for certain purposes.
  11. (Restriction) A buffer's restriction is the amount of text, at the beginning or the end of the buffer, that is temporarily inaccessible. Giving a buffer a nonzero amount of restriction is called narrowing (q.v.); removing a restriction is called widening (q.v.). See Narrowing.
  12. (Restriction) Any condition for or prohibition of the manufacture, use or placing on the market (Article 3 (31))
  13. (Restriction) A reduced cross-sectional area in a line or passage which produces a pressure drop.
  14. (Restriction) a description of any limitations that apply to a right that has been granted
  15. (Restriction) A limitation on the use of real property.  Property restrictions fall into two general classifications:  public and private.  Zoning ordinances are examples of the public type. ...
  16. (12. RESTRICTION) 12.1 The Contractor shall not supply its services directly, or through any other person, firm or  company, to any Client for which it has carried out Assignments at any time during the previous six months [save in the case of supply through an employment agency or recruitment ...
  17. (French : restriction) Mechanism by which a cell degrades foreign DNA.
  18. (RESTRICTION) A use or inhabitancy limitation due to deed covenants or law.
  19. (RESTRICTION) Any limit or control on the owner's ability to use the property. May be contained in a deed and be binding on the land and future owners of it.
  20. (Restriction (63 words or phrases, e.g. conceal, lock, exclude)) expresses the closed, restrictive and regulatory behaviours employed in maintaining privacy and it can be used to measure the behaviours that people take in order to protect their privacy.
  21. (Restriction (restricted course)) A course in which the learning objectives, content and/or assessment are so similar to a second course that a student cannot be credited with both towards a certificate, diploma or degree. ...
  22. (Restriction) 2005 American Physical Society
  23. (Restriction) A measure imposed by the Faculty Academic Progress Committee or the Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee on a student’s enrolment to better manage their academic progress.
  24. (Restriction) A measure of the resistance to flow for (usually) a liquid or gas. Exhaust or intake flow restriction can occur within tubing bends, within ports, manifolds, etc. Liquid restriction can occur in needle-and-seat assemblies, fuel pumps, oil filters, etc. ...
  25. (Restriction) A prohibition against operating certain types of motor vehicles or a requirement that a driver comply with certain conditions when driving a motor vehicle.