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responding, present participle; responded, past tense; responds, 3rd person singular present; responded, past participle;
  1. Say something in reply
    • - she could not get Robert to respond to her words
    • - he responded that it would not be feasible
    • - “It's not part of my job,” Belinda responded
  2. (of a congregation) Say or sing the response in reply to a priest

  3. (of a person) Act or behave in reaction to someone or something
    • - she turned her head, responding to his grin with a smile
  4. React quickly or positively to a stimulus or treatment
    • - his back injury has failed to respond to treatment
  5. Make (a bid) in answer to one's partner's preceding bid

  1. A half-pillar or half-pier attached to a wall to support an arch, esp. at the end of an arcade

  2. (in church use) A responsory; a response to a versicle

  1. react: show a response or a reaction to something
  2. answer: react verbally; "She didn't want to answer"; "answer the question"; "We answered that we would accept the invitation"
  3. respond favorably or as hoped; "The cancer responded to the aggressive therapy"
  4. A respond is a half-pier or half-pillar which is bonded into a wall and designed to carry the springer at one end of an arch.
  5. A response; A versicle or short anthem chanted at intervals during the reading of a lection; A half-pillar, pilaster, or any corresponding device engaged in a wall to receive the impost of an arch; To say something in return; to answer; to reply; To act in return; to exhibit some action or ...
  6. (Responding) The student actively participates in the learning process, not only attends to a stimulus, the student also reacts in some way.
  7. Acquiescence in Responding Willingness to Respond Satisfaction in Response
  8. (Responding) (Questions to ask students before, during, or after an activity in the lesson to elicit their thinking about their own work or about work they are studying):
  9. (Responding) describes the second stage of the taxonomy and refers to a committment in some small measure to the ideas, materials, or phenomena involved by actively responding to them. Examples are: to comply with, to follow, to commend, to volunteer, to spend leisure time in, to acclaim.
  10. (responding) A level of affective domain in which students act or comply by performing an act.
  11. (responding) Refers to sending back verbal and nonverbal messages to a message originator.
  12. v.  ~ (with sth) give a verbal or written answer
  13. half-pillar or half-arch attached to a wall to support an arch.
  14. Often heard, as: "255 Respond ..." Means: Go to Call. The dispatcher is sending a deputy to respond to a call. Details regarding the nature of the call either precede or follow the Respond order. Normally given in conjunction with a Code 1, Code 2, or Code 3 designation. ...
  15. You do not have to be no. 1 to be the best. Often it is difficult to explain the nuances that make your company stand out from the competition. Instead we use cliches, like the article states. ...
  16. Responsory: A plainsong chant sung by a chorus alternating with solo verse(s).
  17. To respond is to reply to or answer a question.  In the story, the littlest monkey does not respond to the question of the other monkeys because he is sleeping and does not hear them.