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rerunning, present participle; reran, past tense; reruns, 3rd person singular present; rerun, past participle;
  1. Show or perform (something, esp. a television program) again

  1. A program, event, or competition that occurs or is run again
    • - a rerun of the Mideast crisis
    • - watching reruns on TV

  1. (rerun) broadcast again, as of a film
  2. rerun a performance of a play, for example
  3. (rerun) run again for office; "Bush wants to rerun in 1996"
  4. (rerun) cause to perform again; "We have to rerun the subjects--they misunderstood the instructions"
  5. A rerun or repeat is a re-airing of an episode of a radio or television broadcast. The invention of the rerun is generally credited to Desi Arnaz. ...
  6. (rerun) A television program shown after its initial presentation -- particularly many weeks after its initial presentation; To run again
  7. (Re-Run) Fleurville brand fabric made by processing recycled plastic water bottles combined with nylon and polyester, to make a lightweight, environmentally friendly fabric.
  8. (RERUN) Any printing after the first pass through the press.
  9. (Re-run) A skier can ask for a re-run if certain circumstances are met, such as a missing gate, someone or something on the course or some other problem on the course.
  10. (Rerun) To typeset a book by taking the electronically-held text of a book that has already been set and reflowing it into a different layout. So, for example, the text of a hardback book is often rerun for the smaller paperback edition.
  11. (rerun) A term referring to printing again from standing negatives.
  12. (rerun) In Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS, a function that lets an application or part of an application that ended in error be run again.
  13. (rerun) One word, not re-run.