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reproaches, 3rd person singular present; reproached, past tense; reproached, past participle; reproaching, present participle;
  1. Address (someone) in such a way as to express disapproval or disappointment
    • - critics of the administration reproached the president for his failure to tackle the deficiency
    • - “You know that isn't true,” he reproached her
  2. Accuse someone of
    • - his wife reproached him with cowardice
  3. Censure or rebuke (an offense)

  1. The expression of disapproval or disappointment
    • - he gave her a look of reproach
    • - a farrago of warnings and pained reproaches
  2. A thing that makes the failings of someone or something else more apparent
    • - his elegance is a living reproach to our slovenly habits
  3. (in the Roman Catholic Church) A set of antiphons and responses for Good Friday representing the reproaches of Jesus Christ to his people

  1. a mild rebuke or criticism; "words of reproach"
  2. express criticism towards; "The president reproached the general for his irresponsible behavior"
  3. disgrace or shame; "he brought reproach upon his family"
  4. (Reproaches) The Improperia are a series of antiphons and responses, expressing the remonstrance of Jesus Christ with His people. They are also known as the "Reproaches". In the Catholic liturgy they are sung as part of the observance of the Passion, usually on the afternoon of Good Friday. ...
  5. Tell someone that he has acted wrongly and has hurt you.
  6. (v) közgе tutarģa, közünе tutarģa, qaģarģa, tırman etеrgе
  7. noun, an expression of disproval, disgrace, discredit, a cause of occasion of blame or disgrace.
  8. to blame for something; a disgrace