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represented, past participle; represented, past tense; represents, 3rd person singular present; representing, present participle;
  1. Be entitled or appointed to act or speak for (someone), esp. in an official capacity
    • - for purposes of litigation, an infant can and must be represented by an adult
  2. (of a competitor) Participate in a sports event or other competition on behalf of (one's club, town, region, or country)
    • - Owens represented the U.S
  3. Be an elected member of a legislature for (a particular constituency, party, or group)
    • - she became the first woman to represent her district
  4. Act as a substitute for (someone), esp. on an official or ceremonial occasion
    • - the president was represented by the secretary of state
  5. Constitute; amount to
    • - this figure represents eleven percent of the company's total sales
  6. Be a specimen or example of; typify
    • - twenty parents, picked to represent a cross section of rural life
  7. (of a group or type of person or thing) Be present or found in something, esp. to a particular degree
    • - abstraction is well represented in this exhibition
  8. Depict (a particular subject) in a picture or other work of art
    • - santos are small wooden figures representing saints
  9. Describe or depict (someone or something) as being of a certain nature; portray in a particular way
    • - the young were consistently represented as being in need of protection
  10. (of a sign or symbol) Have a particular signification; stand for
    • - the numbers 1–10 represent the letters A–Z
  11. Be a symbol or embodiment of (a particular quality or thing)
    • - the three heads of Cerberus represent the past, present, and future
  12. Play the part of (someone) in a theatrical production

  13. State or point out (something) clearly
    • - it was represented to him that she would be an unsuitable wife
  14. Allege; claim
    • - the vendors have represented that such information is accurate

  1. take the place of or be parallel or equivalent to; "Because of the sound changes in the course of history, an 'h' in Greek stands for an 's' in Latin"
  2. typify: express indirectly by an image, form, or model; be a symbol; "What does the Statue of Liberty symbolize?"
  3. be representative or typical for; "This period is represented by Beethoven"
  4. be a delegate or spokesperson for; represent somebody's interest or be a proxy or substitute for, as of politicians and office holders representing their constituents, or of a tenant representing other tenants in a housing dispute; "I represent the silent majority"
  5. serve as a means of expressing something; "The flower represents a young girl"
  6. exemplify: be characteristic of; "This compositional style is exemplified by this fugue"
  7. Represent is the fourth album by Comptons Most Wanted, their first since Music to Driveby in 1992. It included the singles, "This is Compton 2000" and "Then U Gone". In 2007, MC Eiht re-released the album in the name, Representin'. The Cover art pays tribute to the N.W.A album Straight Outta Compton
  8. Represent is the debut album by D.I.T.C. member Fat Joe, released under the name of "Fat Joe da Gangsta". The majority of the production is handled by Diamond D with additional beats by Lord Finesse, Showbiz, The Beatnuts and Chilly Dee. ...
  9. "Represent" is the ninth song on Nas' debut album Illmatic. It is produced by DJ Premier who samples Lee Irwin's "Thief of Baghdad" for the song's beat. The song's minimalistic beat consists of an electric piano sample and bells. ...
  10. (Representation (chemistry)) The structural formula of a chemical compound is a graphical representation of the molecular structure, showing how the atoms are arranged. The chemical bonding within the molecule is also shown, either explicitly or implicitly. ...
  11. (Representation (politics)) In politics, representation describes how political power is alienated from most of the members of a group and vested, for a certain time period, in the hands of a small subset of the members. ...
  12. (Representation (psychology)) Representation is a term used in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science to refer to a hypothetical internal cognitive symbol that represents external reality. ...
  13. To present again or anew; to present by means of something standing in the place of; to exhibit the counterpart or image of; to typify; To portray by pictorial or plastic art; to delineate; as, to represent a landscape in a picture, a horse in bronze, and the like; To portray by mimicry or ...
  14. (Representation) The way in which the media ‘re-presents’ the world around us in the form of signs and codes for audiences to read.
  15. (representation) the most general word for an object at any stage in its de­termination by the subject, or for the subjective act of forming the object at that level. The main types of representations are intuitions, concepts and ideas. ...
  16. (Representation) Statements made by applicants on their applications for insurance that they represent as being substantially true to the best of their knowledge and belief but that are not warranted as exact in every detail
  17. (Representation) the construction of reality through language. For example, media construct gender realities – such as differences between men and women – through their own ‘re-presentational’ codes and conventions. ...
  18. (4. Representation) One of the reasons behind taxation is to demand accountability from the Government.
  19. (6. Representation) As a user of this Web site, you are liable for the accuracy of the information that you provide to us, including, but not limited to your GMC, NMC or RPS registration and licence number and your professional representation. ...
  20. (9. Representation) KNIVES PLUS ® does its best to correctly represent products it sells, with photo, price and copy. Sometimes we make mistakes. If such a mistake should occur, your order will be corrected to reflect the proper information. Thanks for your understanding.
  21. (Re-presentation) This refers to a Direct Debit being returned to the Service User as unpaid and subsequently resubmitted for collection.
  22. (Representation) (c) No OA member shall ever be placed in a position of unqualified authority;
  23. (Representation) A binding between a symbol (in language, text, graphics, computer bits, etc.) and a human concept or resource.
  24. (Representation) A picture, sound or feeling generated from within to represent a concept, or a historical or future event.
  25. (Representation) A statement, express or implied, made by one contracting party to the other before or at the time of making the contract in regard to some past or existing fact, circumstance, or state of facts pertinent to the contract which is influential in bringing about the agreement; an ...