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replayed, past participle; replays, 3rd person singular present; replayed, past tense; replaying, present participle;
  1. Play back (a recording on tape, video, or film)
    • - he could stop the tape and replay it whenever he wished
  2. Repeat (something, esp. an event or sequence of events)
    • - she replayed in her mind every detail of the night before
  3. Play (a match or contest) again to decide a winner after the original encounter ended in a draw or contentious result

  1. The playing again of a section of a recording, esp. so as to be able to watch an incident more closely
    • - clouds can be studied in speeded-up replay
    • - the umpire studied TV replays
  2. An occurrence that closely follows the pattern of a previous event
    • - a replay of last summer's civil disturbance
  3. A replayed match

  1. play back: reproduce (a recording) on a recorder; "The lawyers played back the conversation to show that their client was innocent"
  2. something (especially a game) that is played again
  3. play (a melody) again
  4. the immediate rebroadcast of some action (especially sports action) that has been recorded on videotape
  5. repeat a game against the same opponent; "Princeton replayed Harvard"
  6. play again; "We replayed the game"; "replay a point"
  7. Replay (La répétition) is a 2001 French drama film directed by Catherine Corsini. It was entered into the 2001 Cannes Film Festival.
  8. Replay is album by American banjoist Alison Brown, released in 2002.
  9. Replay is the denim and smart casualwear brand of the Fashion Box Group registered in 1978 by Claudio Buziol.
  10. Replay is the second retrospective released by Crosby, Stills & Nash, appearing in 1980 on the Atlantic Records label. ...
  11. Replay is the debut studio album by British Virgin Islands R&B recording artist Iyaz due for release September 21, 2010 in the United States. The album was produced by Beluga Heights founder J.R. ...
  12. "Replay" is the third single released by Mr. Children on July 1, 1993.
  13. Replay is a novel by Ken Grimwood first published by Arbor House in 1987. It won the 1988 World Fantasy Award.
  14. Erasermate (known as the Replay in Europe and Brazil) is a pen product introduced by the Papermate division of the Gillette Company in 1979. The word Erasermate in and of itself has become known as the erasable pen of the Papermate product line.
  15. the replaying of (something); to play again; to display a recording of a previous event, especially multiple times
  16. (Replaying) Depending upon one's degree of attention and interest, it is often necessary to listen to segments of an audio book more than once to allow the material to be understood and retained satisfactorily. Replaying may be done immediately or after extended periods of time.
  17. (Replays) QT7 broadband - QT7 dialup
  18. (Replays) Refers to the number of times a user requested to see the video ad again (where available)
  19. A free game won by scoring more than the current replay score.
  20. This is the process of re-playing a script of activity against the software under test. See also capture and replay tool.
  21. Attack that attempts to trick the system by retransmitting a legitimate message. Some protocols include anti-replay mechanisms to detect and reject such attacks.
  22. Replay is the name of the Unix application used for viewing tracks back in the early 90's at MWC
  23. When an official instructs the team to play over the previous point due to an error or other reasons
  24. One of the yaku. The player gets to play the next game for free.
  25. Replay or shortly a rec file is a file where all the moves and locations of a single ride are saved. Since belma the replay name could have been up to 15 characters long (before belma only 8 characters). ...