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repayments, plural;
  1. The action of paying back a loan

  2. An amount of money paid back
    • - minimum monthly repayments

  1. refund: the act of returning money received previously
  2. payment of a debt or obligation
  3. (repay) refund: pay back; "Please refund me my money"
  4. (repay) requite: make repayment for or return something
  5. (repay) reward: act or give recompense in recognition of someone's behavior or actions
  6. (repay) retort: answer back
  7. the act of repaying
  8. (repay) To pay back
  9. (Repayments) B. Each month you must pay on or before the payment due date given on your monthly statement of account the full amount outstanding on the account (see Condition 3 of the Terms and Conditions). Your first monthly statement will normally be produced within one month of using the account.
  10. (REPAYMENTS) The sums of money you pay back weekly or monthly on your loan or credit.
  11. (Repayments) Money paid back to the lender at regular intervals on your loan.
  12. (Repayments) Refund of a credit amount to a customer
  13. (Repayments) Repayment is made to your bank account or any other way that the customer may suggest. The refund is made within 5 working days after we have received and accepted your return.
  14. (Repayments) The amount that the loan contract specifies must be paid at an agreed frequency (e.g. fortnightly or monthly).
  15. (Repayments) The amount you have to pay back to the lender (usually monthly) when you borrow money.
  16. The time during which a borrower actively pays back an education loan.
  17. When a mortgage is repaid. (Also called redemption.)
  18. The payment of a mortgage loan over a period of time established when the loan is originated.
  19. Your monthly payments are partly to repay the amount you borrowed and partly to pay the interest on the outstanding mortgage. This is also known as a capital and interest mortgage.
  20. Making payments on a loan. The "repayment period" is the period during which payments are required to be made.
  21. The RSF Social Investment Fund and its affiliates has repaid investors consistently for 27 years with a loan loss rate of 1.4%.
  22. Period of time in which the holder of your loan collects both principal and interest payments in accordance with the terms of your promissory note(s).
  23. Repayment status describes the period of time in which students are repaying student loans. Repayment often begins after graduation.
  24. The period when you are repaying the principal and interest of borrowed money. It usually begins after graduation and lasts for 10 years for students with federal educational loans.
  25. the principal payments due on the EIF loan.