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repaying, present participle; repays, 3rd person singular present; repaid, past participle; repaid, past tense;
  1. Pay back (a loan, debt, or sum of money)
    • - the loans were to be repaid over a 20-year period
  2. Pay back money borrowed from (someone)
    • - most of his fortune had been spent repaying creditors
  3. Do or give something as recompense for (a favor or kindness received)
    • - the manager has given me another chance and I'm desperate to repay that faith

  1. refund: pay back; "Please refund me my money"
  2. requite: make repayment for or return something
  3. reward: act or give recompense in recognition of someone's behavior or actions
  4. retort: answer back
  5. (repayment) refund: the act of returning money received previously
  6. (repayment) payment of a debt or obligation
  7. To pay back
  8. (repayment) The time during which a borrower actively pays back an education loan.
  9. (Repayment) this is a payment made to cover either the interest or the capital and interest on a loan or mortgage
  10. (Repayment) Your monthly payments are partly to repay the amount you borrowed and partly to pay the interest on the outstanding mortgage. This is also known as a capital and interest mortgage.
  11. Repayment can mean the status of your loan, an amount of your loan to be repaid, or a payment to your loan in order to reduce the balance. If we say you are in 'repayment', this means that you are due to make payments to reduce your loan balance.
  12. Repayment status describes the period of time in which students are repaying student loans. Repayment often begins after graduation.
  13. (Repayment) Period of time in which the holder of your loan collects both principal and interest payments in accordance with the terms of your promissory note(s).
  14. (REPAYMENT) The loan must be repaid in full, seven-and-a-half years after each instalment is paid.
  15. (REPAYMENT) The card member shall repay the facility and interest thereon in EMIs. The interest shall be at such rate which has been indicated by ICICI Bank to the card member at the time of making the offer for the facility and as also as communicated to the card member. ...
  16. (REPAYMENT) a copy of cancelled checks, receipt(s) or a document from Seller acknowledging proof that the debt has been paid in full.
  17. (Repayment) Money paid to a lender to partially or fully clear a debt.
  18. (Repayment) The RSF Social Investment Fund and its affiliates has repaid investors consistently for 27 years with a loan loss rate of 1.4%.
  19. (Repayment) The paying back of an amount received from someone. The amount may have been received by way of a loan. For example, companies will make repayments of loan stock. Alternatively the amount may have been overpaid. ...
  20. (Repayment) The paying back of lent funds. The merchant cash advance repayment process differs from other traditional methods. The merchant cash advance is repaid only through a small percentage deducted from the business's daily credit card sales.
  21. (Repayment) The period during which you are making monthly payments on your student loan(s). This may be the time after your grace period has ended and you are not, or have not notified the National Student Loan Service Centre that you are, a full time student, or after being notified of ...
  22. (Repayment) When a mortgage is repaid. (Also called redemption.)
  23. (repayment) Extra funds paid into the loan in addition to the minimum monthly payments.
  24. (REPAYMENTS) The sums of money you pay back weekly or monthly on your loan or credit.
  25. (Repayments) B. Each month you must pay on or before the payment due date given on your monthly statement of account the full amount outstanding on the account (see Condition 3 of the Terms and Conditions). Your first monthly statement will normally be produced within one month of using the account.