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renewed, past participle; renewed, past tense; renews, 3rd person singular present; renewing, present participle;
  1. Resume (an activity) after an interruption
    • - the parents renewed their campaign to save the school
  2. Reestablish (a relationship)
    • - he had renewed an acquaintance with McCarthy
  3. Repeat (an action or statement)
    • - detectives renewed their appeal for those in the area at the time to contact them
  4. Give fresh life or strength to
    • - she would face the future with renewed determination
  5. Extend for a further period the validity of (a license, subscription, or contract)
    • - her contract had not been renewed
  6. Replace (something that is broken or worn out)
    • - check the joints—they may need renewing

  1. regenerate: reestablish on a new, usually improved, basis or make new or like new; "We renewed our friendship after a hiatus of twenty years"; "They renewed their membership"
  2. reincarnate: cause to appear in a new form; "the old product was reincarnated to appeal to a younger market"
  3. (renewal) reclamation: the conversion of wasteland into land suitable for use of habitation or cultivation
  4. (renewal) the act of renewing
  5. (renewal) refilling: filling again by supplying what has been used up
  6. (renewed) restored to a new condition; "felt renewed strength"
  7. ReNew magazine (currently subtitled ReNew: technology for a sustainable future) is an Australian magazine covering domestic renewable energy technologies and sustainable culture. ...
  8. (Renewal (album)) Renewal is the sixth album by the German thrash metal band Kreator released in 1992. It is their first "experimental" album, as in this release Kreator incorporated some industrial music influences in their songwriting. ...
  9. (Renewal (documentary)) Renewal, a 2008 documentary film, is the first feature-length documentary film to capture the vitality and diversity of today’s religious-environmental activists. ...
  10. (Renewal (fencing)) The remise is a renewal of an attack in fencing. It is performed when one fencer's attack has failed, either because their opponent has parried or they missed. If the attacker immediately continues their attack in the same line, they have executed a remise. ...
  11. (Renewal (magazine)) Renewal is a British left-wing political magazine, published in London, England, by Lawrence and Wishart.
  12. (Renewal (parliamentary procedure)) Renewal is the act of bringing up again a motion that has already been disposed of by the deliberative assembly. Generally, the assembly cannot be asked to decide the same, or substantially the same, question as one it has already decided in the same session
  13. To make (something) new again; to restore to freshness or original condition. [from 14th c.]; To replace (something which has broken etc.); to replenish (something which has been exhausted), to keep up a required supply of. [from 14th c.]; To make new spiritually; to regenerate. [from 14th c. ...
  14. (Renewal) Applicable to grants and cooperative agreements only.  A competitively reviewed proposal requesting additional funds extending the scope of work beyond the current project period.
  15. (Renewal) As distinct from repair, this is \\\"reconstruction of the entirely meaning not necessarily the whole subject matter\\\".0
  16. (Renewal) At the end of your mortgage term, you have to renew your mortgage by paying out your existing mortgage and getting a new one.  Your existing Lender will send you a Renewal Letter with the POSTED rate.  You absolutely should shop around as these posted rates are definitely too high!
  17. (Renewal) The continuation in full force and effect of something that is about to expire. With an insurance policy it is made either by the issuance of a new policy or renewal receipt or certificate, to take effect upon the expiration of the old policy.
  18. (Renewal) process of continuing insurance for a further period after the current period of cover has ended.
  19. (Renewal) A form of extending an unpaid loan in which the borrower's remaining unpaid loan balance is carried over (renewed) into a new loan at the beginning of the next financing period.
  20. (Renewal) We will automatically invite your renewal with our most competitive insurer. If you would prefer us to renew with your current insurer, please tell us. At least 21 days before your renewal we will tell you the premium and the terms and conditions for renewal. ...
  21. (Renewal) A certificate which attests to the fact that an insurance policy has been extended for another term.
  22. (Renewal) When the mortgage term has concluded, your mortgage is up for renewal. It is open at this time for prepayment in part or in full, then renew with same lender or transfer to another lender at no cost (we can arrange).
  23. (Renewal (Domain Name)) Most TLDs need to be renewed at some scheduled yearly interval. This is an opportunity for both the registrant and the registry to update their records as well as collect any applicable renewal fees.
  24. (Renewal) Subscription that has been renewed prior to or at expiration time or within six months thereafter.
  25. (Renewal) The rights given to a franchisee to renew their franchise business once the initial period set out in the franchise agreement has lapsed. ...