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Noun (plural)
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remains, plural;
  1. The parts left over after other parts have been removed, used, or destroyed
    • - the remains of a sandwich lunch were on the table
  2. Historical or archaeological relics
    • - Roman remains
  3. A person's body after death

  1. any object that is left unused or still extant; "I threw out the remains of my dinner"
  2. cadaver: the dead body of a human being; "the cadaver was intended for dissection"; "the end of the police search was the discovery of a corpse"; "the murderer confessed that he threw the stiff in the river"; "honor comes to bless the turf that wraps their clay"
  3. (remain) stay: stay the same; remain in a certain state; "The dress remained wet after repeated attempts to dry it"; "rest assured"; "stay alone"; "He remained unmoved by her tears"; "The bad weather continued for another week"
  4. (remain) stay: continue in a place, position, or situation; "After graduation, she stayed on in Cambridge as a student adviser"; "Stay with me, please"; "despite student protests, he remained Dean for another year"; "She continued as deputy mayor for another year"
  5. (remain) be left; of persons, questions, problems, results, evidence, etc.; "There remains the question of who pulled the trigger"; "Carter remains the only President in recent history under whose Presidency the U.S. did not fight a war"
  6. (remain) persist: stay behind; "The smell stayed in the room"; "The hostility remained long after they made up"
  7. Remains is a compilation album from Alkaline Trio that was released on January 30, 2007. The album is a collection of 22 tracks that the band has recorded for various compilations, EPs, B-sides and international releases. ...
  8. Remains is the sixth album by the band Annihilator. It was released in 1997 (see 1997 in music). All parts were performed by Jeff Waters except where noted in personnel.
  9. # One Winter's Night # Remorse # As Heaven Sang # Evensong # Angels & Faith # Funeral Night # As We Descend # Nevere # Remains # Silver Crosses # Stygian Shores
  10. Remains is a five-issue comic book limited series published by IDW Publishing in 2004. The story is written by Steve Niles and has art by Kieron Dwyer.
  11. "Remains" is a single from Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon and was released on July 9, 2009.
  12. Remains is The Only Ones rarities album released in 1984. This collection also featured the additional talents of Glenn Tilbrook on "Watch You Drown", "My Rejection" and "Counterfeit Woman", and of Gordon Edwards. ...
  13. The Remains were a mid-1960s rock group from Boston, Massachusetts, led by Barry Tashian, who later was harmony vocalist and guitarist for Emmylou Harris and part of the duo, Barry and Holly Tashian. ...
  14. What is left after a person (or any organism) dies; a corpse; A relic of an ancient building or other structure; All that is left of the stock of some things; remnants
  15. (remain) State of remaining; stay; That which is left; relic; remainder; -- chiefly in the plural; remains: That which is left of a human being after the life is gone; relics; a dead body; The posthumous works or productions, especially literary works of one who is dead; To stay behind while ...
  16. (REMAIN) To be something yet to be done or considered. To continue unchanged in place, form, or condition, or undiminished in quantity.
  17. (remain) (v) artha qalırģa, qalırģa
  18. (remain) This means how many stitches are left on your needle after you have completed decreases and/or bind offs.
  19. The dead body of the deceased person.
  20. Body parts left following death.
  21. Either human remains or cremated remains. Health & Safety Code 711.001(28).