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relaxes, 3rd person singular present; relaxing, present participle; relaxed, past participle; relaxed, past tense;
  1. Make or become less tense or anxious
    • - he relaxed and smiled confidently
    • - a relaxing vacation
  2. Rest or engage in an enjoyable activity so as to become less tired or anxious
    • - the team relaxes with a lot of skiing
  3. Cause (a limb or muscle) to become less rigid
    • - relax the leg by bringing the knee toward the chest
  4. Make (something) less firm or tight
    • - Cicely relaxed her hold
  5. Make (a rule or restriction) less strict while not abolishing it
    • - they persuaded the local authorities concerned to relax their restrictions

  1. become less tense, rest, or take one's ease; "He relaxed in the hot tub"; "Let's all relax after a hard day's work"
  2. make less taut; "relax the tension on the rope"
  3. loosen: become loose or looser or less tight; "The noose loosened"; "the rope relaxed"
  4. cause to feel relaxed; "A hot bath always relaxes me"
  5. become less tense, less formal, or less restrained, and assume a friendlier manner; "our new colleague relaxed when he saw that we were a friendly group"
  6. make less severe or strict; "The government relaxed the curfew after most of the rebels were caught"
  7. REgular LAnguage description for XML (RELAX) is a specification for describing XML-based languages. A description written in RELAX is called a RELAX grammar.
  8. Relax is the fifth studio album by Trance duo Blank & Jones. It was released in 2003.
  9. Relax-GAM Fuenlabrada (UCI Code: REG) is a professional cycling team based in Spain and participates in UCI Europe Tour and when selected as a wildcard to UCI ProTour events.
  10. Relax is the dubbed Tamil version of the Kannada film Shanti Shanti Shanti. The film starred Abbas, Madhavan, Prakash Raj, Prema, Harini and Satish Shah in key roles. It was directed by Srinivas and P.C. Sriram did the cinematography.
  11. "Relax" is the debut single by British dance group Frankie Goes to Hollywood, released in the UK by ZTT Records in 1983. The song was later included on the album Welcome to the Pleasuredome (1984).
  12. (Relaxing) Leisure or free time, is a period of time spent out of work and essential domestic activity. ...
  13. To make something loose; To become loose; To make something (such as codes and regulations) more lenient; (of codes and regulations) To become more lenient; To relieve (something) from stress
  14. (relaxed) Having an easy-going mood or temperament; Eased or loosened
  15. (relaxing) Having a quality whereby it is easy to relax when subjected to it
  16. (Relaxed) (Ch, sung).  The quality of suppleness and ease of motion that accompanies proper movement in the internal martial arts, a quality of relaxed coordination of the entire body in movement.
  17. (Relaxed) A type of Roman shade with a softer look. This shade features gathered fabric and curved sides when raised.
  18. (relaxed) A dimension of communicator style exemplified by little anxiety; calm, collected, and confident.
  19. (Relaxing) A general term for allowing fabrics or yarns to find their most 'comfortable' configuration. These processes tend to involve immersion in large volumes of water to allow things to shrink and swell.
  20. (Relaxing) A term used to describe the expanding process of wallpaper after water or adhesive has been applied. Some wallpapers expand 1/2" to 1" during the 2 to 10 minutes following exposure to moisture.
  21. (Relaxing) the opposite of demanding. Does the ski insist that you stay right on top of it, with no relaxation, or will it cover up and smooth over minor wobbles, glitches and bobbles? Is it possible to relax or does the ski demand constant high energy input?
  22. To relax [from the Latin for "loose," which also gives us "languish" and "slack"] means to recuperate, i.e., in order that one can return to work with new energy.
  23. To chemically straighten the hair to gently smooth out curl, reduce frizz, or create a straight style.
  24. A mode in which you don't need to click. Simply hover your cursor over each hitcircle. Scores achieved with that mod activated don't take combo multiplier bonus into account and are not included in one's Ranking score.
  25. v. Something people are always telling you to do. And if you actually did, it would give you the energy to do some other things.