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rejections, plural;
  1. The dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc
    • - the union decided last night to recommend rejection of the offer
  2. The spurning of a person's affections
    • - some people are reluctant to try it, because they fear rejection

  1. the act of rejecting something; "his proposals were met with rejection"
  2. the state of being rejected
  3. (medicine) an immunological response that refuses to accept substances or organisms that are recognized as foreign; "rejection of the transplanted liver"
  4. (reject) refuse to accept or acknowledge; "I reject the idea of starting a war"; "The journal rejected the student's paper"
  5. (reject) cull: the person or thing that is rejected or set aside as inferior in quality
  6. (reject) disapprove: deem wrong or inappropriate; "I disapprove of her child rearing methods"
  7. Social rejection occurs when an individual is deliberately excluded from a interpersonal relationship or social relation. The topic includes both interpersonal rejection (or peer rejection) and romantic rejection. A person can be rejected on an individual basis or by an entire group of people. ...
  8. (Reject (Against All Authority/Anti-Flag Split 7")) Reject is a 7 inch Split EP by punk rock band Anti-Flag and ska punk band Against All Authority, released in 1996.
  9. (Reject (One Piece)) The One Piece manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Eiichiro Oda. ...
  10. (Reject(Green Day Song)) Nimrod is the fifth studio album by the American punk rock band Green Day. It was released through Reprise Records on October 14, 1997. The album entered the Billboard U.S. ...
  11. Rejected is a surrealist animated short comedy film by Don Hertzfeldt that was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 2000. It received 27 awards from film festivals around the world and in 2004 was ranked by the Internet Movie Database as the 3rd best short film of all time.
  12. (Rejected (EP)) Rejected is an independently-released EP by American singer Ben Jelen. The EP failed to appear on any charts in the U.S. ...
  13. (5. Rejections) reserves the right, without liability, to reject, omit or exclude any advertisement or to reject or terminate any links, buttons, boxes or banners for any reason at any time, with or without notice to the advertiser/agency, and whether or not such ...
  14. (Rejections) If in the rare case a proof is rejected or otherwise cancelled, the client's liability will be limited to 50% of the total service cost including any retouching/painting fees, custom requests, or restoration charges. ...
  15. All rejections must be communicated to Seller within 30 days of receipt by Buyer, and are subject to inspection by Seller. Rejections are to be returned to Seller in the form and condition in which received by Buyer.
  16. The reject stream is the water that does not pass through the membrane. Since minerals are left behind from the departed permeate or product water, the reject stream is more concentrated than the source or feed water. Hence it is also called the concentrate.
  17. (REJECT (Returned Item)) First ACH has received notification from the receiving bank that a particular debit was not processed successfully. ...
  18. (REJECT) A message from the FTP Masters denying entry to the Debian archives for a package in NEW, on the grounds of legality, namespace issues, or general bugginess; see FAQ
  19. (Reject) A decision made by a journal not to publish a manuscript. Usually this decision is rendered if the manuscript does not meet the minimum threshold for publication.
  20. (Reject) A product that does not meet established quality standards.
  21. (Reject) Also Rejected Patch. Patches that were ordered by a customer but were refused and/or returned to the manufacturer. Patches are rejected for a multitude of reasons including errors or issues with quality. ...
  22. (Reject) An authorization action. Rejecting an authorization results in an Inactive status.
  23. (Reject) Any transaction that could not be completed due to a number of reasons. The unfinished transaction request is then returned to the originator. ...
  24. (Reject) In reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, those impurities not able to permeate the membrane are said to be rejected (removed). They are flushed away in the reject (waste) stream.
  25. (Reject) Rejecting a task will notify the chapter via their task list that the task contents were not satisfactory. Note that a rejected task does not continue to affect the chapter or group's timeliness score.