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regarded, past tense; regarded, past participle; regarding, present participle; regards, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Consider or think of (someone or something) in a specified way
    • - she regarded Omaha as her base
    • - he was highly regarded by senators of both parties
  2. Gaze at steadily in a specified fashion
    • - Professor Ryker regarded him with a faint smile
  3. (of a thing) Have relation to or connection with; concern
    • - if these things regarded only myself, I could stand it with composure
  4. Pay attention to; heed
    • - he talked very wisely, but I regarded him not
  1. Attention to or concern for something
    • - the court must have regard to the principle of welfare
    • - she rescued him without regard for herself
  2. High opinion; liking and respect; esteem
    • - she had a particular regard for Eliot
  3. A gaze; a steady or significant look
    • - he shifted uneasily before their clear regard
  4. Best wishes (used to express friendliness in greetings, esp. at the end of letters)
    • - Warm regards, Helen
    • - give her my regards

  1. Regards (also known as Regards Magazine or Revue Regards, trans: "Views") is a French news magazine. Created in 1932 as a Communist title, it is primarily known for photojournalism, and pre-dated other pictorial magazines such as Life (1936) and Paris-Match (1949). ...
  2. A greeting to pass on to another person; A greeting at the end of a letter or e-mail communication
  3. (Saint-Marcoux). 1978. 3 winds, harp, piano, percussion, 3 strgs, tape. Ms. RCI 525/5-ACM 18 (SMCQ)
  4. A word used for closing messages. The noun is always used in the plural and may be preceded by adjectives such as kind regards, or best regards.
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