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reflecting, present participle; reflected, past tense; reflects, 3rd person singular present; reflected, past participle;
  1. (of a surface or body) Throw back (heat, light, or sound) without absorbing it
    • - when the sun's rays hit the earth a lot of the heat is reflected back into space
    • - his eyes gleamed in the reflected light
  2. (of a mirror or shiny surface) Show an image of
    • - he could see himself reflected in Keith's mirrored glasses
  3. Embody or represent (something) in a faithful or appropriate way
    • - stocks are priced at a level that reflects a company's prospects
    • - schools should reflect cultural differences
  4. (of an action or situation) Bring (credit or discredit) to the relevant parties
    • - the main contract is progressing well, which reflects great credit on those involved
  5. Bring about a good or bad impression of
    • - the incident reflects badly on the operating practices of the airlines
  6. Think deeply or carefully about
    • - he reflected with sadness on the unhappiness of his marriage
    • - Charles reflected that maybe there was hope for the family after all
  7. Make disparaging remarks about

  1. manifest or bring back; "This action reflects his true beliefs"
  2. chew over: reflect deeply on a subject; "I mulled over the events of the afternoon"; "philosophers have speculated on the question of God for thousands of years"; "The scientist must stop to observe and start to excogitate"
  3. to throw or bend back (from a surface); "Sound is reflected well in this auditorium"
  4. be bright by reflecting or casting light; "Drive carefully--the wet road reflects"
  5. show an image of; "her sunglasses reflected his image"
  6. give evidence of a certain behavior; "His lack of interest in the project reflects badly on him"
  7. (Reflected (song)) Reflected is the first single by the rock band Alice Cooper, released in 1969 from the album Pretties for You.
  8. (Reflection (1969 album)) Steamhammer (aka Reflection) was the debut album issued in 1969 by the British blues-rock band Steamhammer. ...
  9. (Reflection (band)) Reflection was formed in 1992 in Dortmund, Germany. Like their countrymates Kreator and Destruction, they play thrash metal.
  10. (Reflection (computing)) In computer science, reflection is the process by which a computer program can observe and modify its own structure and behavior.
  11. (Reflection (electrical)) Signal reflection occurs when a signal is transmitted along a transmission medium, such as a copper cable or an optical fiber, some of the signal power may be reflected back to its origin rather than being carried all the way along the cable to the far end. ...
  12. (Reflection (Eurovision song)) "Reflection" was the Austrian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 1999, performed in English (only the second time, following My Little World, that Austria had not featured lyrics in German or a dialect thereof) by Bobbie Singer.
  13. To bend back (light, etc.) from a surface; To mirror, or show the image of something; To agree with; to closely follow; To give evidence of someone's or something's character etc; To think seriously; to ponder or consider
  14. (reflection) The act of reflecting or the state of being reflected; The property of a propagated wave being thrown back from a surface (such as a mirror); Something, such as an image, that is reflected; Careful thought or consideration; An implied criticism; The process or mechanism of ...
  15. (Reflected) Curved or turned round, as the chain or line from the collar of an animal thrown over his back.
  16. (Reflecting) ether is responsible for mediating between thought and the brain. It also keeps a permanent record of everything that happens.
  17. (reflecting) Normally, people are thinking of water or mirrors when they think about something reflecting an image or light. Even though the moon has no light source of its own, it shines in the sky because the sun's light is reflecting off of the moon's surface.
  18. (reflection) A transformation resulting from a flip.
  19. (reflection) The process by which flux leaves a surface or medium from the incident side.
  20. (REFLECTION) The amount of sound wave energy (sound) that is reflected off a surface. Hard non porous surfaces reflect more sound than soft porous surfaces. Some sound reflection can enhance quality of signal of speech and music.
  21. Reflection is a process that occurs when a propagating electromagnetic wave impinges upon a obstruction whose dimensions are very large when compared to the wavelength. ...
  22. (Reflection) A return of electromagnetic energy that occurs at an impedance mismatch in a transmission line, such as a LAN cable.
  23. (Reflection) The process by which wave energy is returned in the opposite direction after a wave strikes an object or a water boundary.
  24. (Reflection) The throwing back of light incident upon a surface.
  25. Templates for Reflection support conscious and careful consideration about one's actions and about the thinking that accompanies actions. ...