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  1. someone who supplies members or employees
  2. an official who enlists personnel for military service
  3. A recruiter is someone engaging in recruitment, or the solicitation of individuals to fill jobs or positions within a corporation, non-for-profit organization, sports team, etc. Recruiters may work within an organization's Human Resources department (typically) or on an outsourced basis. ...
  4. (Recruiters) People who recruit prospective employees for positions within a company and know what to look for when holding interviews.
  5. (Recruiters) Name: Optional: Enter the Name of the Recruiter you would like to assign to the Job Opening
  6. (Recruiters) To help expand the number of articles and the breadth of coverage of important areas of philosophy, we seek recruiters who will systematically contact philosophy departments and organizations requesting submissions. ...
  7. Individual employed by a company to locate and qualify candidates for job openings in the company.
  8. An adoption worker whose job involves seeking and recruiting families to adopt waiting children. In some jurisdictions, children are assigned a recruiter in addition to their caseworker. ...
  9. The facilitator in a group interview session.
  10. a military representative assigned to enlist persons into the Armed Forces by various inducements or incentives; being a crimp or procurer, who's known as "Walking John" in the Marine Corps. ...
  11. A Recruiter is the person within a staffing firm that is responsible for identifying and screening/evaluating qualified candidates for an open position within a client business. ...
  12. A recruiter fills positions by screening and evaluating applicants to find the most qualified individuals.
  13. social workers who are in the community looking for and recruiting new foster and adoptive parents.
  14. The person who contacts you and asks you questions to see if you qualify for a study.
  15. The person you sign up under when you become a direct sales business owner. This person is your team leader or upline. They normally make a commission percentage off of the sales you make.
  16. Someone who has recruited a referral to join the JBP Feeder.
  17. also known as a Clicker – a tool that loads click lists, allowing you to gain morale at a fast rate. A guide to installing and using recruiters is located on this site.