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recovering, present participle; recovered, past tense; recovers, 3rd person singular present; recovered, past participle;
  1. Return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength
    • - Neil is still recovering from shock
    • - the economy has begun to recover
  2. (of a person) Be well again
    • - you'll be fully recovered before you know it
  3. Find or regain possession of (something stolen or lost)
    • - police recovered a stolen video
  4. Regain control of (oneself or of a physical or mental state)
    • - he recovered his balance and sped on
    • - one hour later I had recovered consciousness
  5. Regain or secure (compensation) by means of a legal process or subsequent profits
    • - many companies recovered their costs within six months
  6. Make up for (a loss in position or time)
    • - the French recovered the lead
  7. Remove or extract (an energy source or industrial chemical) for use, reuse, or waste treatment

  1. A defined position of a firearm forming part of a military drill
    • - bring the firelock to the recover

  1. get or find back; recover the use of; "She regained control of herself"; "She found her voice and replied quickly"
  2. recuperate: get over an illness or shock; "The patient is recuperating"
  3. regain a former condition after a financial loss; "We expect the stocks to recover to $2.90"; "The company managed to recuperate"
  4. regain or make up for; "recuperate one's losses"
  5. reclaim: reuse (materials from waste products)
  6. cover anew; "recover a chair"
  7. Recover is the sixth release by American metalcore band Confide, set to release on May 18, 2010 on Tragic Hero Records . The album was recorded in winter 2009 at 'The Foundation Studios' by Joey Sturgis.
  8. Automatic Loveletter is a rock band, with acoustic and emo influences, based in the United States of America. The band formed in Tampa, Florida, in 2007, led by vocalist and guitarist Juliet Simms, her older brother and lead guitarist Tommy Simms, drummer Ryan Metcalf, and bassist Clint Fowler.
  9. Recover is a post-hardcore band from Austin, Texas.
  10. Recover is a cover album released by the American hard rock band Great White in 2002. All of the tracks are covers of songs that the band gained the most influence from.
  11. "Recover" is the debut and fourth single by The Automatic, from their debut album Not Accepted Anywhere. ...
  12. (Recovery (ApologetiX album)) Recovery is the 13th studio album & 16th album overall by Christian parody band ApologetiX. The album art parodies the album art to Electric Light Orchestra's Discovery.
  13. Recovery. [14th-17th c.]; A position of holding a firearm during exercises, whereby the lock is at shoulder height and the sling facing out; To get back, regain (a physical thing lost etc. ...
  14. (recovery) The act or process of regaining or repossession of something lost; A return to normal health; A return to former status; Renewed growth after a slump (economy)
  15. (recovered) people that had the disease and got better
  16. (Recovered (Misc)) The man who fell into an upholstery machine is fully recovered.
  17. (Recovered) or Regained Territories (Polish: Ziemie Odzyskane, literally "Regained Lands") was an official term that Communist Polish post-war authorities used to describe those parts of pre-war Germany (and the Free City of Danzig) that became part of Poland after World War II. ...
  18. (recovered) Either industrial process by-products (e.g. offcuts or fines from a board manufacturing mill, furniture factory, joinery or construction) or from post-consumer waste wood (e.g. pallets, construction waste) after the stage of recovery or reclamation for purposes of recycling.
  19. (Re-covering) The process of covering an existing roofing system with a new roofing system.
  20. (Recovery) Amount recovered from a third party responsible for a loss on which a claim has been paid.
  21. (Recovery) An upward price movement after a decline. Same as Rally.
  22. (Recovery) The amount of water in gallons that can be heated in one hour. (gph).
  23. (Recovery) achieving and sustaining a state of health in which the individual no longer engages in problematic behavior or psychoactive substance use and is able to establish and accomplish goals.
  24. (recovery) to gain or regain possession of a fumble.
  25. (Recovery) The phase of the arm stroke where the arm travels over the water prior to the pull.  Also, the body cannot work all-out all the time and needs recovery time.  Recovery swims are planned into workouts, and need to be done after any all-out effort, whether at practice or meets. ...