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recounted, past participle; recounts, 3rd person singular present; recounted, past tense; recounting, present participle;
  1. Count again

  1. An act of counting something again, esp. votes in an election

  1. an additional (usually a second) count; especially of the votes in a close election
  2. tell: narrate or give a detailed account of; "Tell what happened"; "The father told a story to his child"
  3. count again; "We had to recount all the votes after an accusation of fraud was made"
  4. (recounting) relation: an act of narration; "he was the hero according to his own relation"; "his endless recounting of the incident eventually became unbearable"
  5. An election recount is essential a second tabulation of votes used to determine the correctness of the initial count. Recounts will often take place in the event that the initial vote tally during an election is extremely close.
  6. Recount is a 2008 made-for-TV movie about the 2000 Presidential election in the United States. This film is a political drama written by Danny Strong, directed by Jay Roach, and produced by Kevin Spacey (who also stars in the film).
  7. A counting again, as of votes; To count or reckon again; To tell over; to relate in detail; to recite; to tell or narrate the particulars of; to rehearse; to enumerate; as, to recount one's blessings
  8. (recounting) An act in which something is recounted
  9. (Recounts) additional counts that are conducted after an initial count has resulted in a variance or when checking the accuracy of initial counts.
  10. (Recounts) A recount of an electronic voting machine is not a recount in the traditional sense. The machine can be audited for irregularities and voting totals stored on multiple backup devices can be compared, but vote counts will not change.
  11. If a result is close, any candidate may ask for a recount. The process can be repeated several times if necessary until the candidates are satisfied. The returning officer has the final say on whether a recount takes place.
  12. Retell a series of events
  13. A re-examination and count of all formal and informal ballot papers by Elections ACT before the declaration of the poll. This is only conducted if the Commission deems it necessary, for example if the results are close or there has been some other irregularity (not to be confused with "recheck").
  14. A process by which cast ballots, whether paper or electronic, are individually double-checked and counted again, the new count being cross-checked against the original reported vote totals for any discrepancies. ...
  15. A process in which ballots are counted a second time to address concerns about the accuracy of the original count. Many jurisdictions have a mandatory recount when the margin of difference between candidates is less than 1%
  16. to narrate the facts or particulars of
  17. To count the vote again.