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reconsiders, 3rd person singular present; reconsidered, past tense; reconsidered, past participle; reconsidering, present participle;
  1. Consider (something) again, esp. for a possible change of decision regarding it
    • - they called on the government to reconsider its policy
    • - I beg you to reconsider

  1. consider again; give new consideration to; usually with a view to changing; "Won't you reconsider your decision?"
  2. consider again (a bill) that had been voted upon before, with a view to altering it
  3. In parliamentary law, reconsideration of a motion (or reconsideration of a question) takes places upon a motion to bring back for further consideration a matter previously decided. The motion originated in the United States.
  4. Action to retake a vote. The motion may be offered only by a legislator having voted previously on the prevailing side.
  5. A motion to reopen a question that has been previously decided.
  6. A motion used to ask for a new vote on a motion. This motion is in order when another motion is pending and may interrupt a member assigned the floor only before the member begins speaking. ...
  7. A motion to review a previous decision and take another vote.
  8. to seek a justification for a decision already made.