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receivers, plural;
  1. The part of a telephone apparatus contained in the earpiece, in which electrical signals are converted into sounds

  2. A complete telephone handset
    • - he picked up the receiver
  3. A piece of radio or television apparatus that detects broadcast signals and converts them into visible or audible form
    • - a satellite receiver
  4. A person who gets or accepts something that has been sent or given to them
    • - the receiver of a gift
  5. (in tennis and similar games) The player to whom the ball is served to begin play

  6. A player who catches a pass or a kick

  7. A person who buys or accepts stolen goods in the knowledge that they have been stolen

  8. A person or company appointed by a court to manage the financial affairs of a business or person that has gone bankrupt
    • - the company is in the hands of the receivers
  9. A container for collecting the products of distillation, chromatography, or other process

  10. The part of a firearm that houses the action and to which the barrel and other parts are attached

  1. set that receives radio or tv signals
  2. liquidator: (law) a person (usually appointed by a court of law) who liquidates assets or preserves them for the benefit of affected parties
  3. telephone receiver: earphone that converts electrical signals into sounds
  4. recipient: a person who receives something
  5. the tennis player who receives the serve
  6. a football player who catches (or is supposed to catch) a forward pass
  7. Receiver is the second and final album of the band Farmer Not So John, released in 1998.
  8. In firearms terminology, the receiver is the part of a firearm that houses the operating parts. It is sometimes called the body of the firearm, in the context of handguns (revolvers and pistols) it is often called the frame. ...
  9. A Wide Receiver is an offensive position in American and Canadian football, and is the key player in most of the passing plays. Only players in the backfield or the ends on the line are eligible to catch a forward pass. ...
  10. The receiver in information theory is the receiving end of a communication channel. It receives decoded messages/information from the sender, who first encoded them. Sometimes the receiver is modeled so as to include the decoder. ...
  11. In law, receivership is the situation in which an institution or enterprise is being held by a receiver, a person "placed in the custodial responsibility for the property of others, including tangible and intangible assets and rights."Philip, Ken, and Kerin Kaminski. ...
  12. A radio receiver is an electronic circuit that receives its input from an antenna, uses electronic filters to separate a wanted radio signal from all other signals picked up by this antenna, amplifies it to a level suitable for further processing, and finally converts through demodulation and ...
  13. (The Receivers) An official or a company such as (Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, and KPMG) appointed to receive and account for money due.
  14. (receivers) (ri-SEE-vurz): the units, or devices, we use that take information from satellites to give us our position on Earth
  15. An independent party appointed by a court to impartially receive, preserve and manage property which is involved in litigation, pending final disposition of the matter before the court.
  16. Any component that receives, or tunes, broadcast signals, be it NTSC, HDTV, DBS, or AM/FM radio. Typically refers to the single component that includes a preamp, surround processor, multichannel amplifier, and AM/FM tuner.
  17. The party to whom the EDI message or transaction set is transmitted.
  18. Person appointed to hold in trust and to administer property of insolvent companies.
  19. An audio component that combines a pre-amplifier, amplifier(s) and tuner in one chassis. A Dolby Prologic Receiver also contains a Dolby Prologic decoder for surround sound.
  20. This is the term describing an attorney when they receive a collection file.
  21. The component of a central receiver solar thermal system where reflected solar energy is absorbed and converted to thermal energy.
  22. The IRD. Unit which takes signals from a satellite dish and converts them so that they can appear on TV.
  23. Device lying at the focus of an optical concentrator, typically a PV cell and/or thermal transfer apparatus.
  24. The portion of a hitch that permits a hitch bar or shank to be inserted. The receiver may be either 11/2-, 15/8- or 2-inch square; the smallest being termed a mini-hitch.
  25. The player due to strike the ball second in a rally.