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readier, comparative; readiest, superlative;
  1. In a suitable state for an activity, action, or situation; fully prepared
    • - are you ready, Carrie?
    • - I began to get ready for bed
    • - she was about ready to leave
  2. (of a thing) Made suitable and available for immediate use
    • - dinner's ready!
    • - could you have the list ready by this afternoon?
  3. Keen or quick to give
    • - I'm always ready with a wisecrack
  4. In need of or having a desire for
    • - I expect you're ready for a drink
    • - she always looks ready for a fight
  5. Eager, inclined, or willing to do something
    • - she is ready to die for her political convictions
  6. In such a condition as to be likely to do something
    • - by the time he arrived he was ready to drop
  7. Easily available or obtained; within reach
    • - there was a ready supply of drink
    • - the murderer knew that the mallet would be ready to hand
  8. Immediate, quick, or prompt
    • - those who have ready access to the arts
    • - a girl with a ready smile
  1. Prepare (someone or something) for an activity or purpose
    • - the spare transformer was readied for shipment
    • - she had readied herself to speak first
  1. Available money; cash

  1. completely prepared or in condition for immediate action or use or progress; "get ready"; "she is ready to resign"; "the bridge is ready to collapse"; "I am ready to work"; "ready for action"; "ready for use"; "the soup will be ready in a minute"; "ready to learn to read"
  2. cook: prepare for eating by applying heat; "Cook me dinner, please"; "can you make me an omelette?"; "fix breakfast for the guests, please"
  3. poised for action; "their guns were at the ready"
  4. ready(a): (of especially money) immediately available; "he seems to have ample ready money"; "a ready source of cash"
  5. fix: make ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc; "Get the children ready for school!"; "prepare for war"; "I was fixing to leave town after I paid the hotel bill"
  6. mentally disposed; "he was ready to believe her"
  7. "Ready?" is Tomoko Kawase's third single as Tommy heavenly6. It was released on Jul 20, 2005. It was her last release single released for her debut album Tommy heavenly6.
  8. Ready (రెడీ) is a 2008 Telugu language film, starring Ram and Genelia D'Souza in the lead roles. The film is directed by Srinu Vytla, who recently gave a big hit with Dhee. . On 26 September, Ready touched the 100th day mark. . ...
  9. Uthama Puthiran is a forthcoming Indian Tamil film directed by Mithran Jawahar. The film, a remake of the 2008 Telugu film Ready, stars Dhanush and Genelia D'Souza, reprising her role from the original version, in the lead roles. . The supporting cast includes K. Bhagyaraj, Vivek, Karunas and R. ...
  10. N-Toon was a boy band from Atlanta created by former Klymaxx frontwoman Joyce Irby in 1996. She searched through Atlanta phonebooks and found Lloyd Polite, Justin Clark, and Everett Hall at a well known church in the city. Lloyd's younger brother Chuckie D. Reynolds later joined the group. ...
  11. Ready is the fifth studio album by Sandy Lam, released under CBS Records in the summer of 1988. "Ready" would be a major milestone in Sandy's career because it would be her first album to be heavily influenced by R&B and Jazz which strongly affected her future. ...
  12. "Ready" is the theme song of the Royal Rangers, the boys' ministry of the Assemblies of God. The song was written by Brian Bopp and was copyrighted by the Gospel Publishing House in 2002.
  13. To make prepared for action; Prepared for immediate action or use; Inclined; apt to happen; Liable at any moment
  14. (readily) Without unwillingness or hesitation; showing readiness; Without impediment, easily
  15. (readiness) the state or degree of being ready
  16. (readies) Noun. Money. Usually cash as opposed to cheques or credit cards.
  17. (readies) cash. i.e. "Av you got any readies John, I don't wanna put this on plastic ?".
  18. (readies) money, usually banknotes. Simply derived from the expression 'ready cash'.
  19. (readies) slang for folding money, actual notes.
  20. (readily) geare; georne; geornlice
  21. (Readiness) is a check on whether you – or your organisation – are prepared to engage with social media. ...
  22. (readiness) The extent to which people have the ability and willingness to accomplish a specific task.
  23. (READINESS) A principle of learning where the eagerness and singlemindedness of a person toward learning affect the outcome of the learning experience.
  24. (Readiness) A measure of a unit's ability to accomplish its assigned mission. Factors that contribute to readiness are manning, training and equipment.
  25. (Readiness) Each day during the fire season is given a rating based on the weather conditions and fire fighting resources are prepared accordingly. The stand up / down times are general and refer to TAMS units. Units from the volunteer brigades will usually stand-up on a Level 3-5 day as well. ...