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(of a person or a set of views) Opposing political or social liberalization or reform,
  1. (of a person or a set of views) Opposing political or social liberalization or reform

  1. A person who holds such views

  1. extremely conservative
  2. The term reactionary refers to viewpoints that seek to return to a previous state (the status quo ante) in a society. The term is meant to describe one end of a political spectrum whose opposite pole is "radical". ...
  3. Reactionary is an album by the band Face to Face, released in 2000 (see 2000 in music). This was their last release with second guitarist Chad Yaro, who left the band in 2001 but would rejoin seven years later.
  4. (The Reactionaries) The Reactionaries were a punk rock band formed in San Pedro, California in 1978. The band's continual members were lead vocalist Martin Tamburovich, guitarist D. Boon, bassist Mike Watt, and drummer George Hurley. ...
  5. One who is opposed to change; One who is very conservative; Opposed to change; urging a return to a previous state; Very conservative
  6. (reactionarily) In a reactionary manner
  7. a political philosophy that advocates for the resisting of change and a return to an earlier social order or policy
  8. A militant conservative; opposite of "radical," which means ultraliberal.
  9. derives from the French word réactionnaire (an early nineteenth-century coinage), and conservative from conservateur, identifying monarchist parliamentarians opposed to the Revolution: “In parliamentary usage, the monarchists were commonly referred to as the Right, although they were often ...
  10. Some person, group, or class, which not only strongly resists any further changes in society (whether that be social revolution or mere reforms), but who also wishes to “turn the clock back” and undo at least some earlier changes, such as some earlier reforms that have been achieved against ...
  11. (adj): opposing change, politically or socially. His politics were reactionary: he always argued against ideas for reforming education or health care.
  12. a conservative who favours a return to the values and institutions of the past
  13. Some body who wants to return society to a previous way of life.  Fascists and Nazis are called Reactionaries by some.