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quoted, past tense; quoted, past participle; quoting, present participle; quotes, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech), typically with an indication that one is not the original author or speaker
    • - he quoted a passage from the Psalms
    • - “The stream mysterious glides beneath,” Melinda quoted
    • - when we told her this she said, and I quote, “Phooey!”
  2. Repeat a passage from (a work or author) or statement by (someone)
    • - the prime minister was quoted as saying that he would resist all attempts to “sabotage” his government
    • - he quoted Shakespeare, Goethe, and other poets
  3. Mention or refer to (someone or something) to provide evidence or authority for a statement, argument, or opinion
    • - they won't be here at all in three years time—you can quote me on that
  4. Put forward or describe someone or something as being
    • - heavy teaching loads are often quoted as a bad influence on research
  5. Give someone (the estimated price of a job or service)
    • - the agent quoted a fare of $180
  6. Give (a company) a quotation or listing on a stock exchange
    • - an organization that is quoted on the Stock Exchange
  1. A quotation from a text or speech
    • - a quote from Wordsworth
  2. A quotation giving the estimated cost for a particular job or service
    • - quotes from different insurance companies
  3. A price offered by a broker for the sale or purchase of a stock or other security

  4. A quotation or listing of a company on a stock exchange

  5. Quotation marks

  1. quotation mark: a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else
  2. repeat a passage from; "He quoted the Bible to her"
  3. name the price of; "quote prices for cars"
  4. quotation: a passage or expression that is quoted or cited
  5. refer to for illustration or proof; "He said he could quote several instances of this behavior"
  6. put quote marks around; "Here the author is quoting his colleague"
  7. A quotation, statement attributed to someone else; A quotation mark; A summary of work to be done with a set price; To refer to (part of) a speech that has been made by someone else; To prepare a summary of work to be done and set a price; (transitive) To name the current price, notably of a ...
  8. (Quotes) The typographical abbreviation for quotation marks (inverted commas).
  9. All final quotes are valid for 30 days.
  10. (Quotes) A way of expressing a desired message in quotations as if someone else said it.
  11. (QUOTES) Keep ‘em short and powerful. Don’t let your sources drone on and on. Think of quotes as the spices, the seasoning in your story–a few potent quotes can go a long way. ...
  12. (QUOTES) Love   Funny   Men's   Women's &nbsp Inspirational  Einstein  GLBT &nbsp BlackInterest &nbsp aboutLife
  13. (Quotes) (Not necessarily unique to the individual.)
  14. (Quotes) (Q) - A process through which written or electronic quotes are solicited from suppliers and vendors for equipment, supply and material contracts with total estimated costs below the bid limits following notification as established by local agency policies, if any, and in which price is ...
  15. (Quotes) A Quote is a records information for a sales quotation, i.e. price, quantities, and other terms, for a potential sale to prospects. The CRM system supports you in the creation of quotes for potential customers. ...
  16. (Quotes) A feature you can use to see quotes for stocks, bonds, mutual funds, indexes, and option chains.
  17. (Quotes) A list of English quotes and quotations, giving author details, word definitions and contextual notes.
  18. (Quotes) A verbal communication pattern of giving suggestions / commands in the form of a quote from a character within a story. eg. ...and Jane turned to him and said 'you can make the most of this learning situation'.
  19. (Quotes) My friend, John, says that "This is a Linguistic Pattern in which your message is expressed as if by someone else".
  20. (Quotes) On an organized stock exchange a quote is the transmission of price information.
  21. (Quotes) Our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff is happy to provide written estimates for all of your wholesale palm needs. Below are three convenient options for obtaining a fast reliable quote for wholesale palm trees:
  22. (Quotes) Quotation marks, inverted commas. Can be double or single. The preferred choice is one of the common elements of a house style. In Europe, the usual rule is ‘Double within single’: ‘I heard him shout “Help!” as he fell,’ said Gerald. ...
  23. (Quotes) Quotations extracted from articles that Daylife indexes are attributed to individuals, associated with topics, and made available via a set of API calls.
  24. (Quotes) Refinance Quote | Purchase Quote | Car Insurance Quote | Home Insurance Quote | Health Insurance Quote | Life Insurance Quote
  25. (Quotes) The actual price being traded.