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Officially recognized as being trained to perform a particular job; certified,
  1. Officially recognized as being trained to perform a particular job; certified
    • - newly qualified nurses
  2. Competent or knowledgeable to do something; capable
    • - I was less well qualified than almost anyone present to recollect the olden days
  3. Not complete or absolute; limited
    • - I could only judge this CD a qualified success

  1. meeting the proper standards and requirements and training for an office or position or task; "many qualified applicants for the job"
  2. limited or restricted; not absolute; "gave only qualified approval"
  3. certified: holding appropriate documentation and officially on record as qualified to perform a specified function or practice a specified skill; "a registered pharmacist"; "a registered hospital"
  4. restricted: restricted in meaning; (as e.g. `man' in `a tall man')
  5. dependent: contingent on something else
  6. (qualification) an attribute that must be met or complied with and that fits a person for something; "her qualifications for the job are excellent"; "one of the qualifications for admission is an academic degree"; "she has the makings of fine musician"
  7. (Qualifying) The term "pole position", as used in motorsports, comes from the horse racing term where the number one starter starts on the inside next to the inside pole. The term made its way, along with several other customs, to auto racing. ...
  8. (qualification) The act or process of qualifying; An ability or attribute aiding one's chances of qualifying; An added condition; The process by which racers race against the clock to determine whether they will qualify for a race, and if so in what qualifying position
  9. (qualify) to describe or characterize something by listing its qualities; to make someone, or to become competent or eligible for some position or task; to certify or license someone for something; to modify, limit, restrict or moderate something; To mitigate, alleviate (something); to make ...
  10. (Qualification) A level at which a transaction interchanges. Level of qualification is dependent on how credit card number is entered, how quickly a transaction is settled, the type of industry, specific information, etc.
  11. (qualification) As determined by a lender, the ability of the borrower to repay a mortgage loan based on the borrower’s credit history, employment history, assets, debts and income.
  12. (qualification) The process of demonstrating the ability to fulfill specified requirements. Note the term ‘qualified’ is used to designate the corresponding status. [ISO 9000]
  13. (Qualification) the process of determining whether a prospective borrower has the ability, meaning sufficient assets and income, to repay a loan. Qualification is sometimes referred to as “pre-qualification” because it is subject to verification of the information provided by the applicant. ...
  14. (QUALIFICATION) The filing of required documents by a foreign corporation to secure a certificate of authority to conduct its business in a state other than the one in which it was incorporated. Limited liability companies or similar business entities may also conduct this process.
  15. (Qualification) An award or other form of certification of attainment or competence.
  16. (Qualification) Three-year-olds & Up
  17. (Qualification) A person’s qualities that make him or her eligible to fill an office or perform a duty.
  18. (Qualification) documented evidence that all specified design and performance requirements are met (ref. ISO 11607: 2003(E)).
  19. (Qualification) a recognised certificate, achieved as a result of a program of study, that entitles the certificate holder to a set of advantages (e.g. career promotion, academic progression, etc.) associated with a particular certificate through recognitions.
  20. (Qualification) Action of providing that equipment or ancillary systems are properly installed, work correctly, and actually lead to the expected results. Qualification is part of validation, but the individual qualification steps alone do not constitute process validation.
  21. 1. Qualification process – demonstrating to be suitable for the purpose. 2. Qualification personal – a demonstrated level of knowledge and experience.
  22. (qualification) A three-step process of 1) making a specification public; 2) creating an entity that implements the specification; and 3) demonstrating that the implementation matches the specification. ...
  23. higher education qualification: any degree, diploma or other certificate issued by a competent authority attesting the successful completions of a higher education programme; qualification given access to postgraduate studies: any diploma or other certificate issued by a competent authority ...
  24. (QUALIFICATION) Drivers must be between 21 and 70 years of age for vans and cars, 25 years of age for Trucks and People carriers and 25 years of age for Mini Buses. Held a full driving licence for at least a 2-year period. ...
  25. (QUALIFICATION) The verbal exchange of information between a qualified TR representative and a lead or prospect in order to generally outline the project program and realistic associated budget parameters. ...