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Noun (plural)
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pyjamas, plural; pajamas, plural;
  1. A suit of loose pants and jacket or shirt for sleeping in
    • - a pair of pajamas
    • - pajama bottoms
  2. A pair of loose pants tied by a drawstring around the waist, worn by both sexes in some Asian countries

  1. (pyjama) pajama: a pair of loose trousers tied by a drawstring around the waist; worn by men and women in some Asian countries
  2. (pyjama) pajama: (usually plural) loose-fitting nightclothes worn for sleeping or lounging; have a jacket top and trousers
  3. Pajamas, also spelled pyjamas (see also spelling differences) can refer to several related types of clothing. The original paijama are loose, lightweight trousers fitted with drawstring waistbands and worn in South and West Asia by both sexes. ...
  4. Pyjamas is a tool and framework for developing Ajax applications in Python. It contains a stand-alone Python-to-JavaScript compiler, an Ajax Framework and Widget set, and through use of these components, developers can write comprehensive applications, to run in all major web browsers, without ...
  5. (pyjama) Attributive form of pyjamas
  6. (PYJAMA) Baggy drawstring trousers worn traditionally with a Kurta/ Kurti.
  7. (PYJAMA) from the Hindustani word epaj-jama, known as Moghul breeches during this time.
  8. 1. n. pejorative term for the coloured uniforms worn by players in one-day cricket.
  9. Rupert receives lots of pyjamas from his fans as presents.