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properties, plural;
  1. A thing or things belonging to someone; possessions collectively
    • - she wanted Oliver and his property out of her house
    • - the stolen property was not recovered
  2. A building or buildings and the land belonging to it or them
    • - he's expanding now, buying property
    • - the renovation of commercial properties
  3. The right to the possession, use, or disposal of something; ownership
    • - rights of property
  4. An attribute, quality, or characteristic of something
    • - the property of heat to expand metal at uniform rates

  1. something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone; "that hat is my property"; "he is a man of property";
  2. a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class; "a study of the physical properties of atomic particles"
  3. place: any area set aside for a particular purpose; "who owns this place?"; "the president was concerned about the property across from the White House"
  4. a construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished; "self-confidence is not an endearing property"
  5. any movable articles or objects used on the set of a play or movie; "before every scene he ran down his checklist of props"
  6. Property law is the area of law that governs the various form of ownership in real property (land as distinct from personal or movable possessions) and in personal property, within the common law legal system. In the civil law system, there is a division between movable and immovable property. ...
  7. In metaphysics (in particular, ontology), the different kinds or ways of being are called categories of being or simply categories. To investigate the categories of being is to determine the most fundamental and the broadest classes of entities. ...
  8. Property is a 2003 novel by Valerie Martin, and was the winner of the 2003 Orange Prize.
  9. In modern philosophy, mathematics, and logic, a property is an attribute of an object; a red object is said to have the property of redness. The property may be considered a form of object in its own right, able to possess other properties. ...
  10. A property, in some object-oriented programming languages, is a special sort of class member, intermediate between a field (or data member) and a method. Properties are read and written like fields, but property reads and writes are (usually) translated to get and set method calls. ...
  11. In mathematics, a locally compact topological group G has property (T) if the trivial representation is an isolated point in its unitary dual equipped with the Fell topology. ...
  12. Something that is owned; A piece of real estate, such as a parcel of land; real estate; the business of selling houses; The exclusive right of possessing, enjoying and disposing of a thing; An attribute or abstract quality associated with an individual, object or concept; An attribute or ...
  13. (PROPERTIES (PROPS)) Any article or piece of furniture used by the actor.
  14. (properties) characteristics used to help describe or identify substances
  15. (Properties) We often appear to quantify over properties. The modal realist can take properties to be sets of possibilia, and take such quantification at face value. ...
  16. (Properties) all of the stage furnishings, objects etc. (often shortened to props)
  17. (Properties) are attributes that define an object. For example, a sprite in a movie has specific attributes, such as how wide it is, how tall it is, its background color, and so on. ...
  18. (properties) Information about an object, such as a backup configuration, restore request, or computer.
  19. (Properties) A command on a menu which will open a display of the characteristics of the object. You may be able to change some of the characteristics.
  20. (Properties) A property is a quality possessed by only one class and convertible of that class.   Rationality is a property of man because only people are rational and any occurrence of rationality must be caused by man.
  21. (Properties) Any portable articles appearing in a film, for example furniture, flowers, fountain pens and fishing rods.
  22. (Properties) Data common to all attributes of objects, such as name, value, quality, and data type.
  23. (Properties) Gold has always been mined for its own sake but about 80% of silver was been recovered as a by-product of mining for other metals. This fact keeps the price of silver low in comparison to the prices of gold.
  24. (Properties) In BW, the properties affect how the report is displayed (i.e. totals, subtotals); editing these allows users to customize the report view. (Examples: Display, Sort direction)
  25. (Properties) Moveable items used in a photographic, television or cinema 'Shoot'. (Informal) Props.