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Likely to or liable to suffer from, do, or experience something, typically something regrettable or unwelcome,
  1. Likely to or liable to suffer from, do, or experience something, typically something regrettable or unwelcome
    • - years of logging had left the mountains prone to mudslides
    • - he is prone to jump to conclusions
  2. Lying flat, esp. face downward
    • - I was lying prone on a foam mattress
    • - a prone position
  3. Denoting the position of the forearm with the palm of the hand facing downward

  4. With a downward slope or direction

  1. having a tendency (to); often used in combination; "a child prone to mischief"; "failure-prone"
  2. lying face downward
  3. (proneness) being disposed to do something; "accident proneness"
  4. The word "prone," meaning "naturally inclined to something, apt, liable," has been recorded in English since 1382; the meaning "lying face-down" was first recorded in 1578, but is also referred to as "lying down" or "going prone."
  5. (proneness) The quality or state of being prone, or of bending downward; as, the proneness of beasts is opposed to the erectness of man; The state of lying with the face down; Descent; declivity; as, the proneness of a hill; Inclination of mind, heart, or temper; propension; disposition; as, ...
  6. (Prones) (noun) Someone lying prone or kneeling. These could be hit players or bystanders. Avoid prones as they may move when you least expect it, causing a collision.
  7. Lying face down Pronation Palm of the hand faces backward; shifting the body weight to the inside of the foot.
  8. Latin pronatus = bent forwards; hence, recumbent face-down posture.
  9. Describing the position of a person lying horizontally on the abdomen, with the face turned downward.
  10. The lying down shooting position. In the Individual competition the first and third shooting stages are shot in the prone position, as is the first shooting stage in a Sprint and Relay competitions. In the Pursuit and Mass Start competitions the first two stages are prone. ...
  11. A shooting position in which the biathlete lies on his or her stomach.
  12. Ride with your belly on the board. The most common and easiest way to ride a bodyboard.
  13. Needing to relax or let go of activity / Feeling injured; afraid to stand up for yourself; feeling weak or tired; introversion; retreating from the world; non-involvement; waiting; sex / Having a tendency, being 'prone' to certain feelings, reactions, etc.
  14. Lying on the front of the body, or face down. Opposite of supine.
  15. To lie down in a roughly horizontal position in the harness – normal flying position.
  16. This is the face down position when a client is on the massage table.
  17. Body position with the front of the body facing the floor, body straight.
  18. 10 second duration – You are knocked to the ground and may not stand for the duration.  Though Prone is a caused condition, you are also considered Prone for the purposes of targeting (there are some skills which specifically require the Target to be Prone) if you are in a reclined position, ...
  19. Lying on one's stomach.
  20. Patient lies on their front
  21. a recumbent body position in which the person is lying face down.