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projectors, plural;
  1. An object that is used to project rays of light, esp. an apparatus with a system of lenses for projecting slides or film onto a screen

  2. A person who plans and sets up a project or enterprise

  3. A promoter of a dubious or fraudulent enterprise

  1. an optical device for projecting a beam of light
  2. an optical instrument that projects an enlarged image onto a screen
  3. Projector is the fourth full-length studio album by the melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity.
  4. Projector (Zachary Williams) is a fictional character, a mutant villain from Marvel Comics.
  5. In linear algebra and functional analysis, a projection is a linear transformation P from a vector space to itself such that P2 = P. It leaves its image unchanged. Though abstract, this definition of "projection" formalizes and generalizes the idea of graphical projection. ...
  6. Projector is a 19th century term in United States patent law meaning the original true inventor. “True inventor” at the time meant the first inventor to reduce an invention to practice.
  7. (Projectors) Equipment that makes it possible to display various kinds of visual media on a wall or screen. ...
  8. A projector is a device that integrates a light source, optics system, electronics and display(s) for the purpose of projecting an image from a computer or video device onto a wall or screen for large image viewing. ...
  9. An apparatus for projecting a picture on a screen. Whether the device is an overhead, slide projector, or a film projector, it is usually referred to as simply a projector.
  10. A sonar transducer that translates an electrical signal into pressure waves (sound signals) and transmits them through the water. A projector almost always requires some sort of hydrophone to receive the transmitted signals or returning echoes. ...
  11. An actor which projects a texture.  Used to create effects such as shadows and stained glass.
  12. A device that shines light onto a surface, often mounted on a wall or hanging from a ceiling, for the purpose of displaying an image.
  13. (1) A lighting unit which concentrates light within a limited solid angle by means of lenses or mirrors. (2) A line dropped perpendicularly from a point to a plane surface.
  14. A hardware device that enables an image to be projected onto a flat surface. These devices are commonly used in meetings and presentations as they allow for a large image that everyone in a room can see.
  15. an object that is used to project rays of light, esp. an apparatus with a system of lenses for projecting slides or film onto a screen
  16. a synesthete whose responses are projected
  17. This is a piece of equipment that you use to put an image or writing onto a screen or a wall for everybody in the class to see.
  18. The assembly that captures and focuses light from an HID bulb and projects it out onto the road in a controlled & defined beam pattern.