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processions, plural;
  1. A number of people or vehicles moving forward in an orderly fashion, esp. as part of a ceremony or festival
    • - a funeral procession
  2. The action of moving forward in such a way
    • - the fully robed civic dignitaries walk in procession
  3. A relentless succession of people or things
    • - his path was paved by a procession of industry executives
  4. The emanation of the Holy Spirit

  1. emanation: (theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost; "the emanation of the Holy Spirit"; "the rising of the Holy Ghost"; "the doctrine of the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son"
  2. the group action of a collection of people or animals or vehicles moving ahead in more or less regular formation; "processions were forbidden"
  3. progress: the act of moving forward (as toward a goal)
  4. A procession (via Middle English lump, French procession, derived from Latin, processio, itself from procedere, to go forth, advance, proceed) is, in general, an organized body of people advancing in a formal or ceremonial manner.
  5. Procession is the eleventh studio album from Weather Report. It is the first album to feature the newest lineup of Weather Report. Victor Bailey replaced Jaco Pastorius as the bassist and Omar Hakim replaced Peter Erskine as the drummer. ...
  6. Procession was a jazz-tinged rock band formed in Melbourne in October 1967. The group is most notable for including English guitarist Mick Rogers who later joined Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Drummer Craig Collinge was a member of British proto-punk band Third World War.
  7. "Procession" is the second single by British group New Order, released in September 1981 on 7" vinyl record. The single's Factory Records catalogue number is FAC 53.
  8. "Procession" is a 1971 song by The Moody Blues, and it is the opening track on their album Every Good Boy Deserves Favour. It is their only song to have been co-written by all five members of the band.
  9. The act of progressing or proceeding; A group of people or things moving along in an orderly manner, especially if doing so slowly and formally; A number of things happening in sequence (in space or in time); To take part in a procession
  10. (Processioning) walking of private lands within a parish, by appointed parishioners, to determine boundaries and resolve disputes.
  11. (Processions) A solemn walk for a religious purpose, usually accompanied by prayers and hymns.
  12. (Processions) Sacred functions in which clergy and people parade from one place to another. They may be held within a church, between churches, or outside a church or shrine. ...
  13. Processions, an element in all ceremonial, are to be found, as we should expect, ...
  14. The vehicular movement of the funeral from the place where the funeral service was conducted to the cemetery. May also apply to a church funeral where the mourners follow the casket as it is brought into and taken out of the church.
  15. The liturgical movement of the Clergy, Altar-Servers, Choir and Faithful usually around the outside of the Church. Processions are held during Holy Week, Pscha, Bright Week, and on Parish Feast Days.
  16. the line of choir, clergy, acolytes, crucifer, torchbearers and others walking into a church to begin a service.
  17. To dream of a procession, denotes that alarming fears will possess you relative to the fulfilment of expectations. If it be a funeral procession, sorrow is fast approaching, and will throw a shadow around pleasures. ...
  18. An orderly and often solemn progress of persons. Processions occur in a variety of liturgical contexts, including entering a church, going from the altar to congregation for the gospel reading, etc.
  19. Until quite recently, there were no accurate timepieces, so worship services did not have a precise starting time. After the people gathered, the clergy and other ministers would enter the church in a procession to begin the service. ...
  20. The line of vehicles proceeding from funeral home or church to place of interment or committal. A suggested order of vehicles:
  21. the solemn entrance at the start of a ritual
  22. any formal movement of a group of people from one place to another; at St. Mary's, besides the procession at the beginning and end of the service, we also have processions around the church for special services; these are led by the crucifer
  23. (2h)4-CL"stately procession of people single file".
  24. The funeral procession was marked by the movement of bodies, both living and dead, and the loud noise that it generated. The more wealthy and famous the deceased was in life, the flashier the funeral procession would be with mimes and musicians. ...
  25. a group of individuals moving along forward in an orderly fashion