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printed, past participle; prints, 3rd person singular present; printing, present participle; printed, past tense;
  1. Produce (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.), esp. in large quantities, by a mechanical process involving the transfer of text, images, or designs to paper
    • - a thousand copies of the book were printed
  2. Produce (text or a picture) in such a way
    • - the words had been printed in blue type
  3. (of a newspaper or magazine) Publish (a piece of writing) within its pages
    • - the article was printed in the first edition
  4. (of a publisher or printer) Arrange for (a book, manuscript, etc.) to be reproduced in large quantities
    • - Harper printed her memoirs in 1930
  5. Produce a paper copy of (information stored on a computer)
    • - the results of a search can be printed out
  6. Send (a computer file) to a printer or to another, temporary file

  7. Produce (a photographic print) from a negative
    • - any make of film can be developed and printed
  8. Write (text) clearly without joining the letters
    • - print your name and address on the back of the check
    • - it will be easier to read if I print
  9. Mark (a surface, typically a textile or a garment) with a colored design or pattern
    • - a delicate fabric printed with roses
  10. Transfer (a colored design or pattern) to a surface
    • - patterns of birds, flowers, and trees were printed on the cotton
  11. Make (a mark or indentation) on a surface or in a soft substance by pressing something onto it
    • - he printed a mark on her soft skin
  12. Mark or indent (the surface of a soft substance) in such a way
    • - we printed the butter with carved wooden butter molds
  13. Fix (something) firmly or indelibly in someone's mind
    • - his face, with its clearly drawn features, was printed on her memory
  1. The text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication, esp. with reference to its size, form, or style
    • - squinting at the tiny print
    • - bold print
  2. The state of being available in published form
    • - the news will never get into print
  3. A newspaper or magazine
    • - the print media
  4. Of or relating to the printing industry or the printed media
    • - the print unions
    • - a print worker
  5. An indentation or mark left on a surface or soft substance by pressure, esp. that of a foot or hand
    • - there were paw prints everywhere
  6. Fingerprints
    • - the FBI matched the prints to those of the Las Vegas drug suspect
  7. A picture or design printed from a block or plate or copied from a painting by photography
    • - the walls were hung with wildlife prints
  8. A photograph printed on paper from a negative or transparency

  9. A copy of a motion picture on film, esp. a particular version of it

  10. A piece of fabric or clothing with a decorative colored pattern or design printed on it
    • - light summer prints
    • - a floral print dress
  11. Such a pattern or design

  1. put into print; "The newspaper published the news of the royal couple's divorce"; "These news should not be printed"
  2. the text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication; "I want to see it in print"
  3. a picture or design printed from an engraving
  4. write as if with print; not cursive
  5. make into a print; "print the negative"
  6. mark: a visible indication made on a surface; "some previous reader had covered the pages with dozens of marks"; "paw prints were everywhere"
  7. In computing, print is a command in the command line interpreters (shells) of DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows. It is used to add a file to the print queue. It is equivalent to the lpr command in the Berkeley printing system and the lp command in the System V printing system. ...
  8. A release print is the reel of film that is sent to a movie theater for exhibition. Historically, they are copies of the dupe negative, more commonly known today as the Internegative, which in turn is a copy of a physically cut-together reel of filmstrips. ...
  9. Print is a bimonthly American magazine about visual culture and design, founded in 1940.
  10. Printing is a process for reproducing text and image, typically with ink on paper using a printing press. It is often carried out as a large-scale industrial process, and is an essential part of publishing and transaction printing.
  11. The PRINTS database is a collection of so-called "fingerprints": it provides both a detailed annotation resource for protein families, and a diagnostic tool for newly-determined sequences. ...
  12. (Prints (album)) Prints: Snapshots, Postcards, Messages and Miniatures, 1987-2001 is a 2002 album by English guitarist, composer and improvisor Fred Frith, and his first album of songs since Cheap at Half the Price (1983). ...
  13. Books and other material created by printing presses, considered collectively or as a medium; Clear handwriting, especially, writing without connected letters as in cursive; The letters forming the text of a document; A visible impression on a surface; A fingerprint; A footprint; A picture ...
  14. (Printed) (on a press, by photo-offset, or laser printer) invitations are generally less expensive, and less formal.  The style and color of paper used may affect the degree of formality, of course, but printed invitations   are usually best suited to less-formal affairs.
  15. (Printed) Refers to a printing method using movable type (letterpress) or some other technique apart from engraving or lithography.
  16. (Printed) Scrapbook Paper: Plaid - Hot Off the Press; Striped - DCWV
  17. (Printing) Another word for “impression”.
  18. (Printing) the choice of a printing process depends upon the size of the run, the complexity and quality of the camera ready art, the number of ink colors, the paper stock and the level of quality desired.
  19. (Printing) The process of applying ink to paper.
  20. (Printing) gadget that access iPrint printing services
  21. (Printing) Any process that transfers to paper or another substrate an image from an original such as a film negative or positive, electronic memory, stencil, die or plate
  22. (PRINTING) An impression that may be left in the cured finish after pressure is removed.
  23. (PRINTING) The action of making a print on a support, whether it be of paper or of any other material, from a block, plate or stone or through a screen, in any of the printmaking procedures.
  24. (PRINTING) The designer's time to oversee printing and to check proofs is billable if not included in estimate. If the CLIENT chooses to oversee printing themselves there is no print management fee, but IMMIX DESIGN will not be responsible for the quality of print jobs not managed by the designer.
  25. (Printing) (1) a multiplication of mind. (2) an as yet unrecognized contributor to overpopulation and noise pollution. / (3) a way in which a fool can inflict mortal wounds to innocent children on a global basis even long after he is dead. ...