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First in order of importance; main,
  1. First in order of importance; main
    • - the country's principal cities
  2. (of money) Denoting an original sum invested or lent
    • - the principal amount of your investment
  1. The person with the highest authority or most important position in an organization, institution, or group
    • - a design consultancy whose principal is based in San Francisco
  2. The head of a school, college, or other educational institution

  3. The leading performer in a concert, play, ballet, or opera

  4. The leading player in each section of an orchestra

  5. A sum of money lent or invested on which interest is paid
    • - the winners are paid from the interest without even touching the principal
  6. A person for whom another acts as an agent or representative
    • - stockbrokers in Tokyo act as agents rather than as principals
  7. The person directly responsible for a crime

  8. Each of the combatants in a duel

  9. A main rafter supporting purlins

  10. An organ stop sounding a main register of open flue pipes typically an octave above the diapason

  1. (Principals) Refers to the major currencies that are traded.
  2. (Principals) In a roof of double-framed construction, the main as opposed to the common rafters.
  3. (Principals) In a roof, a pair of inclined lateral timbers or rafters of a truss. Usually they support horizontal side timbers called purlins, and mark the main bay divisions.
  4. (Principals) Shawn Ashley & Gwen Mack
  5. (Principals) The actors in a show with the lead or speaking roles.
  6. (Principals) longest two feathers on a hawk's wing
  7. (Principals) means the University of Exeter branches of Unison, Unite and the University and College Union and Council;
  8. (Principals) of Newspeak liberal and reformed conservative academic leaders, big business leaders, the entertainment industry, government leaders, the news media, religious entrepreneurs [liberal and reformed] and subversive organizations. ...
  9. Principals are appointed by the school board to manage individual schools. They are also responsible for the supervision of teachers and students, the quality of instruction at their school and for student discipline.
  10. The amount borrowed or remaining unpaid. The part of the monthly payment that reduces the remaining balance of a mortgage.
  11. The capital sum; interest is paid on the principal. NOT spelled principle.
  12. The amount borrowed or still owing on a mortgage loan. Interest is paid on the principal amount.
  13. The amount of money borrowed.
  14. The basic element of the loan as distinguished from interest and mortgage insurance premium. In other words, principal is the amount upon which interest is paid.
  15. The amount that you borrow for a loan. Each monthly mortgage payment consists of a portion of the principal that must be repaid plus the interest that the lender is charging you on the outstanding loan balance. ...
  16. One of the parties to a transaction. For example, the buyer and seller are principals in the purchase of real property. Also the amount of debt, not counting interest, left on a loan.
  17. The original amount of the loan, the capital.
  18. The original amount of the total due and payable at a certain date.
  19. (1) One who engages an agent to act in his or her behalf. (2) A party to a contract. (3) A sum of money.
  20. the amount borrowed from a lender; doesn’t include interest or additional fees.
  21. The amount of money owing on your mortgage, including accrued unpaid interest.
  22. The amount owed on a mortgage which does not include interest or other fees.
  23. The individual required to be bonded by the obligee.
  24. A party represented by an agent or the chief or foremost party in a particular transaction or the amount of a loan to be repaid exclusive of interest or the assets constituting a trust estate.
  25. The actual amount of a loan or the actual amount paid to reduce the actual amount of a loan.